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  1. @inf1d3li agree but when they say 1 per account the dont say is not sharable in the account and they give you the space to make more than 1 char per account so all that things should be shared into the account. The bad thing is that they choose where to make exeptions..... propably i dont spent tens of thousands of $$ , im not saying that i dont spent $ in game but no crazy ammounts.... there private wharehouse should be common for all your chars in the account like the collection system goes to all chars in the account
  2. @Sunshine i rediculus not to be able to transfer your own items into the account that should be change and they should do it when a ticket is submited
  3. Why imprint items and 1 per account items cant be shared into the account? for example items from attentance are non transferable into the same account (Antharas doll cant be transfered, attack scrolls etc) In my opinion and i bet more people agree all inprint items and 1 per account items should be able to be shared into the same account or else thesse items should be accesable per char into the account
  4. @SunshineYe buy the package and take a c grade armor that ill give it for free to all players BUT you have to buy it. Whats the point of buying a pack when you guys give it for free to all players? Why dont you give something better to people that pay for that?
  5. We need some fixes as tradable items to be able to sell materials and recipies to the shop fishing is brokes as for xp and fish and stews are not tradable need more farming areas mobs in varka ketra imperial dragon valley etc are so overpowerd tha even with pt is not worth the farm adena drops in hight lvl areas are a must instances are broken for months now we need more areas and more castles we need fix on spoilers and crafters
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