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  1. Hi, I played sometimes on my laptop (win7 64 bits), all went well. Last time i played was like 10 days ago. I tried yesterday as well, but after the login, after i press the play button, the window pops up and after some seconds i get the following error: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BEX Application Name: L2.bin Application Version: Application Timestamp: 5ee2da4d Fault Module Name: nvd3d9wrap.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 57ac56f9 Exception Offset: 0000f3b4 Exception
  2. do you have any idea what MMORPG stands for? Like massive MULTIPLAYER? Get a clan, go party farm, not with ur boxes!! It is hypocritical to demand a server change, cry on forum and IG but at the same time your swarm of alt characters farm all the good areas where other real humans with real characters can't farm sh*t or even worse, get constantly pk-ed. So yeah, let's make a revolution! Let's start with ourselves! Delet all ur alt characters, bots, boxes or whatever u call them. Oh, but you won't do that....
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