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  1. Trade Scams in Giran town

    I totally agree, today happened to me, as soon as I arrived one char requested trade at the same time as I was getting closer to my other char, and after that he seat down and showed me the Items he had stolen from NAWS few days a go. this is ridiculous, we should have a way to check the trade making it more secure since Nsoft can't return the items lost.
  2. please fix it my internet is 100MB, just here on this server I have several disconects per day and frantic crashes improve your DataCenter improve the route where our IP is linked so that it returns to normal and we can play free of Lentições, crashes and disconect.
  3. clan leader transfer

    clan leadership is only made every Wednesday right after the update, so you have to select a new leader before the update takes place.
  4. Big Delay in Target

    there is a long wait for party members to catch someone's target to attack the monster, most of the time the monster dies and some members of the party do not even attack the monster because of the delay that is happening in /target.
  5. S grade duals

    exactly what is disloyal, because you add adena to craft a weapon where there is a 1% chance of being crafted, this is demultivated on an official server, please improve this chance then increase this% so that we can get it more easily as the guy above mentioned that he tried 9 times and failed all 9 times, yesterday I tried 2 times and also failed both times please fix it !!!
  6. Server Fix !

    I agree with Wody's post - not to mention that in addition to keeping our characters in the game to achieve something rewarding that improves our status and makes us progress to become stronger, know that we have a very expensive energy bill due to the low XP / SP of the server and the power drop. adenas in areas 76+ where you arrived with so much effort and dedication and can no longer advance because of this total imbalance of the server where 80% that commands the Low-Level areas are the BOT, and when we put some support to farm an adena crumb we take PK without reason and without any reason for those damn BOT that want to control all areas of the server. - We need interactive events so that we grow items and arouse a real interest in staying logged on the screen and not 24 hours AFK. - we need events with XP / SP and a bigger drop in adenas, not paid events to open a box and win a shitty buff taking the hope of someone who has no intention of buying a SET ARMOR A to stay in the game after level 76+ - we also need a correction in the boss barriers at least for boss level 65+, as only large clans can benefit from this situation with their full Set +6 characters and +15 weapons, where the low levels are looking without being able to KS with afraid to take PK. To sum up, we need all these arrangements mentioned in the main post so that the server does not continue a zone of prostitution and inequality where many make the game a way to earn money by selling items and adenas for R $ on account of BOT shit. - I am speaking for all Brazilians who exist and believe in the changes and improvements that you from the staff can bring to the server.