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  1. Im rlly srry but if an archer full exalted beat a feoh with set +10 weap +12 trust me... I think the problem lies between the chair and the keyword
  2. Pls allow modify scroll to be used iin hair accesories, since you allowed to put bonus in the mask and radiant is basically a must to have the wings of splendor, a mask+++ , and radiant, grace, foresight circlet, but that leaves little to characther estetic personalization, i liked when my character could use hats, masks, or hair pins i liked... Also... that brings me to race change... my main character is yull dark elf and i really want to buy the race change ticket but the options are limited, i`d like to change him to kamael and i dont understand why after so many years that is still n
  3. Same... but didn`t spend 1 buck or 1 adena... And I wanted to but srry for them i guess
  4. I can`t do nothing but agree... I was actually expecting this event (Sell promo) i was ready to spend a lot of money to upgrade my jewel game... But it was too expensive for what you could get... The event when you could get random lvl 4 jewels was better than this and THIS was gonna be the jewel event... Too expensive and too little reward and to be honest I spent 0 usd and 0 adena in this event, not even prestige pack... To my eyes and to most ppl i know this was a fail event srry
  5. I could understand GMs trying to conpensate melees for melee delay giving dragon weap daily in this event... But in what aspect are magical weaps melee, yulls get affected cause they do long distance attacks but feohs dont?
  6. I started right after GOD, what i liked about it there was that there was history right from lvl 1 now it just wants you to level fast to 85, I miss the istances, Crystal caverns, teredor, instances where you had to do things, getting keys, or things like that, not only port and kill a monster... But what I miss the most is the pvp, when i got to 99 and even before you could find pvp in a lot of places, my clan always had at least 3 active wars, you had to port to parnasus with celestial, hide or anything, or pvp to enter a instance, also miss that with good gear or average gear you could defe
  7. I xp alone and i´ll tell u why: Yesterday i checked, i gain 1.4 by mob with no pt in EV (zone 103)with autobuff or iss dominator, so i wondered, wait i´m 108 surely i can pt with my iss and go to a higher lvl zone and get more, well, in silent valley (zone 105) i get 700m or 800m by mob, in alligator (zone 107) i get 900m, so basically I get more been 108lvl in EV 103 zone with no pt than in zones 105 and 108 with a 2 person pt, that´s just dumb, I should be able to invite ppl to higher zones or invite the support classes of my clan of friends supports without loosing xp, sure i would put a bo
  8. I´m a Yull I go lvl up with dominator iss out of pt, yes i spend spirit ore like crazy but all the xp is for me, but I agree with this post, is not only hard on is but on tanks and healers too, it´s hard for me to tell a clan friend who has a support class to come xp with me, we need a good pt bonus, but not like the one we had when u could leave a char in town and get the party bonus and more xp, we need a buf like the (party solidarity) of old times, and that for every char the xp would go +1 up to +6 if pt full Just an idea
  9. Between allies, between people in comand channel, in siege and pt in general, I have no idea how this hasn´t been done yet
  10. Nah, what I try to explain is that war system, pk system, pvp sytem or not, it depends on the people how to use it, like I was telling my clan mates a few days, lets say the game goes full pve no pvp, what is preventing me from go to a spot log full pt and take your spot that way, everything depends on people´s behaviour, if people want to take things from U in this case a spot, they will find the way, it´s up to you to forget about it and move on or fight for it... Some people will even pk u or take your spot cause they´re bored, and the means they use has nothing to do with clan wars, pvp, p
  11. Useless post... Because that same thing happends to me in reverse, I use the war declaration not to steal spot but to keep it For example: I have a spot and a guy pks me hoping im afk and dont notice and takes my spot, I ress myself and pk him back, if he tries or does it again I send war declaration, and because i dont mind to open war I use that tactic, however probably the guy who pked me isn´t the clan leader or is in a pve clan, probabilities are that he won´t mess with me again, if he continues for example pking me with another character or leaving clan I hunt his clan members and o
  12. maybe one of the bonus for atteandance, looks to suspicious to be exactly twice the ammount
  13. Wynns are bot chars, easy to lvl, famous for being bots, i´ve said it, hate that class, reroll
  14. I agree completly to this, even being one of those players that take a whole mob family for himself, but when there was the pt xp you would only make a pt dd+iss+any other, and leave that 3rd char in town for more xp... We need like a pt buff, that goes from lvl 1 to 6 for every char in pt (like pt solidarity for old players), that way ppl wont just leave a char in town and keep lvling in pt but alone in the spot
  15. I stopped playing when ertheia update came, my clan never had any less than 3 wars active and i was just using a kelbin bow and went hunting all day for war, when i came back early this year a guy pked me in BS, i came back and couldn´t kill him (he was even afk :p), that gave me the incentive to lvl up and gear up, and now when someone pks me i ress, buff and come back a couple of times to pk back, is fun and makes you wanna advance in the gameplay, L2 is a pvp game, go play Wow if u dont want pvp, Less QQ more PewPew, this is the kind of ppl who wants everything handled in a silver plate...
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