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  1. Friendly fire between allies during castle sieges

    Between allies, between people in comand channel, in siege and pt in general, I have no idea how this hasn´t been done yet
  2. War System

    Nah, what I try to explain is that war system, pk system, pvp sytem or not, it depends on the people how to use it, like I was telling my clan mates a few days, lets say the game goes full pve no pvp, what is preventing me from go to a spot log full pt and take your spot that way, everything depends on people´s behaviour, if people want to take things from U in this case a spot, they will find the way, it´s up to you to forget about it and move on or fight for it... Some people will even pk u or take your spot cause they´re bored, and the means they use has nothing to do with clan wars, pvp, pve, or log a pt to make you leave.
  3. War System

    Useless post... Because that same thing happends to me in reverse, I use the war declaration not to steal spot but to keep it For example: I have a spot and a guy pks me hoping im afk and dont notice and takes my spot, I ress myself and pk him back, if he tries or does it again I send war declaration, and because i dont mind to open war I use that tactic, however probably the guy who pked me isn´t the clan leader or is in a pve clan, probabilities are that he won´t mess with me again, if he continues for example pking me with another character or leaving clan I hunt his clan members and open war with some afk I find and start hunting them, that way the clan leader probably will mail me asking what happened, and most of the times he says that wont happend again. On the contrary i think the game should be even more clan war friendly, too many pve ppl for my taste... And let me tell you, This has happened to me a LOT of times.
  4. Adena Nerfed for Support!?

    maybe one of the bonus for atteandance, looks to suspicious to be exactly twice the ammount
  5. Please delete all classes

    Wynns are bot chars, easy to lvl, famous for being bots, i´ve said it, hate that class, reroll
  6. I agree completly to this, even being one of those players that take a whole mob family for himself, but when there was the pt xp you would only make a pt dd+iss+any other, and leave that 3rd char in town for more xp... We need like a pt buff, that goes from lvl 1 to 6 for every char in pt (like pt solidarity for old players), that way ppl wont just leave a char in town and keep lvling in pt but alone in the spot
  7. PK Festival - 85 to 105 zones

    I stopped playing when ertheia update came, my clan never had any less than 3 wars active and i was just using a kelbin bow and went hunting all day for war, when i came back early this year a guy pked me in BS, i came back and couldn´t kill him (he was even afk :p), that gave me the incentive to lvl up and gear up, and now when someone pks me i ress, buff and come back a couple of times to pk back, is fun and makes you wanna advance in the gameplay, L2 is a pvp game, go play Wow if u dont want pvp, Less QQ more PewPew, this is the kind of ppl who wants everything handled in a silver plate... Go pvp is the only and best way to know your character, me and a friend who also recently came back went to oly and were amazed by the ppl with shiny armor and weapons who noobed skills and we are below average geared
  8. PK Festival - 85 to 105 zones

    sometimes i just write their name in a macro and when im not doing anything i go hunting
  9. Hair Accessory Appearance Slots

    x2... totally agree... it used to be fun to customize your character, mine had glasses, now it has an ugly circlet and an ugly mask cause i cand afford to loose those stats, improve the customatizacion of characters
  10. Yull mp bug or new feature

    Don´t use unnecesary skills like phoenix, and you could be right, except it doesnt always happen for a few hours the pt is fine and then suddenly the yull starts to loose mp
  11. Yull mp bug or new feature

    I could understand this, if it happened always, but for a few hours the pt is fine and then suddenly the yull starts to loose mp
  12. Yull 106 here, For a while i´ve been having some issues with the mp reg, sometimes I go to EV only with iss, and the iss heals and regens just fine, but the yull starts spending more mp than usual, I don´t see any problems for a while but then the mp regen on the yull starts to get less and less, same happens in Silent Valley, My pt is tank, iss, feoh and yull, and as I said before, the mp regen sometimes is fine and sometimes if goes down, this happends only with the yull, not with the feoh i use or the iss who constantly heals... I´ve tried changing to dual and back, remaking the pt and re loging, but sometimes nothing works, any yull who experiences the same thing?... I ask to yulls cause only with the yull i see this issue
  13. Farm Zone

    I agree with most Most of the map is useless, Lineage prides in been a truly open world, but we have the same 2 or 3 zones for 100+ 105+ 107+... It´s boring actually I would add something to this = bring back the party bonus xp... Make it so the more ppl a party has the more xp gains, that way you wont see spots taken by 3, 2 or even 1 pj, (I usually see 1 char lvl +108 in EV zone 103+ hunting alone cause he gains more xp that way than in high lvl zone with pt), if you make that bonus, the pt room will fill with ppl lf party, the game would become more social and more ppl with more money will come I dont agree with something, the pk system, just because I cant kill you doesnt mean i cant take your spot, I can just log in my pt, activate it in the spot where you are and you´ll eventually leave because i´ll have more dmg and you´ll run out of mp (it has been done to me), for example I have experienced times when a whole pt comes to the spot im currently hunting, and I tell them to leave and if they dont respond I pk them. so yeah, getting pk is annoying, but it can also be usefull, besides L2 is a Game with pvp and clan wars, thats the only reason i´m still here to be honest.

    Same here, I left game like 2 years ago and came back in november or december i think, i loved the chronicle, and with this new chronicle I´m thinking about stoping again, i even cancelled prestige since 2 months ago
  15. seven player exp party

    Do you imagine the party rooms if they give xp bonus, the zones would have more chars and more free spots, because you wouldn´t see 1 person or 2 people pts in 1 spot... More people in clans and more social game means more people comming to game