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  1. @Hime and @Juji why no PARTY bonus that are weeks ppl are asking? do u care of ur customers?
  2. dont buy prestige ncoins anymore, they come here without any work and ask only money to ppl. ridicolous
  3. I would like to remember that exists a Law that regulates these stuff, even in online games. Someday somebody will question court
  4. jesus christ was very expensive to equip average now all wasted!!
  5. we cant go full single for reuse, we cant go full aoe for reuse, we hope ONLY on the 2 skills that are really aoe and mix with single, BUT NOW I COUNT MOBS THAT I CAN KILL ME VS SINGLE AT SAME GEARS AND HE IS MORE MORE FAST
  6. Really, was very funny to spend on l2store with this incentive of exp where u can see ur results concrete and be able to do more in the game. Now again is only a boooooring long game sealed.
  7. Really, look how all server quit and get pause to w8 the other event exp. All is stuck in this period, no new ppl that can reach high levels and do more in the server, no money no market everything stuck
  8. For god sake, ncwest you have to understand we really boring no reason to do any pt without pt-bonus, no reason to stay h24 with pc to get 1%, no money, no market, all untradables and stuck, no bring new ppl to reach our levels and have more ppl to do hard stuff without numbers. no cloak events and insane prices, stuck no jewels obtanaible ingame or l2store, insane prices and all stuck with them, no more ppl, no nothing. we become active only in interesting period and then all say bb. u can make more $$$ with these stuff, but you
  9. Yea sure brà. now we use the "pandemic" to do nothing and let at his destiny the server (like before they changed every week something no?). also, are you the staff that answer for them?
  10. Staff have to put permanent pt bonus minimun 100%, really we can't busy all poor spots for 1/2chars only, the rest of server and it's really boring to stay all time in solo coz ppl dont want join in party coz is horrible exp.
  11. party bonus? hotfix for lag? fix of small things? balance difficult / economy? We dont have changed nothing since 2 weeks, no news no work on something.
  12. disconnected me too with friends, now we are in queue for 1h...for god love sake........
  13. impossible atm to make a good choose to join into a party now...increase pt bonus please
  14. Ur twitter followers are trolling you, reddit is trolling you, what u need ncwest to do something? i really want understand it
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