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  1. If you want the maximum dps on tank with two hand stance only with Shillien Templar you can get it.
  2. Yes. Server Latency Issue (hit problem) return.
  3. Shillien Templar gives on himself and all party P.Atk./M.Atk. +10%, P.Def/M.Def 20%, It's a typo description mistake on tank skill.
  4. After from this event we will have new Artifacts, Sayha's Talismans, new Legendary Dyes, new Shilien Soul Crystals and i am bet in near future we will have dragon armors. So Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.
  5. @Juji as mentioned Drakkus before update prices for forgotten skills was lower. link - https://www.lineage2.com/news/beleths-forgotten-spellbooks Now the prices are like eu server. link - https://l2wiki.com/Forgotten_Power_Skills So now we have the normal prices or is a bug? If is a bug (i think it is) there will be a refund of adena? I think you can check which players take the skills to reset the skills and give them back the adena.
  6. I read again patch notes and you have right. When they post patch notes at the beginning they said you can exchange R99+10 bloody for R110 +10 bloody but now they change it . Obviously it was a mistake that was corrected.
  7. Blessed weapons after upgraded to R110 reduced their enchant value -2. Bloody/Dark weapons stays in the same enchant value.
  8. @Hime can you confirmed that the xp table stay the same? Or you will be reducing the amount of EXP needed to reach lvs and you not mentioned at the patch notes?
  9. @Juji can you confirm that with the update we get on 15th May which also include Prelude of War, there will be no more grade penalty from armors and weapons? In other words a character lv.1 will be able to wear R110 armors and weapons.
  10. Sub Skills Subclass Certification - Defense (P.Def. / M.Def. +4%) Subclass Certification - Speed (Atk./ Casting Spd. +4%) Subclass Certification - Condition (HP/MP/CP +6%) Dual Skills Dual - Improved State (HP/MP/CP + 20%) Dual - Light of Protection (Has a chance of P./ M. Def. +40% when attacked)
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