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  1. Gloves of Silence - https://l2central.info/essence/items/93076.html?lang=en Stun Gloves - https://l2central.info/essence/items/94264.html?lang=en
  2. Can someone please post a screenshot of red arc that actually says that there is a restriction untill lvl 85 and will be delete it after event. Ty
  3. Ty very much for your respond. It was very helpfull.
  4. Hello my friends. I want some info about spoil crush skill on spoilers. Is worth to learn it? It gives you more items or chance is low? Also spoil affected from sayhas grace or sayhas will if you don't have it? Hunting zones for spoil are 76+? Ty all for any respond.
  5. Yes i know but i talk for f2p so with game armor or b grade cheap armor you need 500 hp potions. With a grade and pay items all are easy.
  6. Transcendent instances are pretty much easy even with the free items from game. Transcendent 80+ is kind hard because you need 500 hp potions. Theres still old players that love the game and play it for the whole thing.
  7. New player with no any help like free l2 coins or free cookies or attendance can had free progress but will be very slow compared with the players that start from the beggining or the players that pay for kits. In the end only matters for what reasons play the game. If is for entertaining purposes and have fun free is fine. If you want competitive pvp and pve is not free.
  8. Hi. I play only with my main. No alts. 81 lvl starting from beggining. Farming 4-5 kk per day now. When no sayhas grace i have sayhas will. First sayhas will i take it from free l2 coins from amazon. B gear armor and aden weapon +11. 1 learning skill with book. On the beggining it was hard but day by day with a small upgrades you have a process.
  9. I totally play f2p and i don't have any problem in the process of game. So if you spend little money you will be fine . Have fun and enjoy the game.
  10. The mechanics of game will be not changed. So if you don't like it just quit. Otherwise you will loose time for nothing.
  11. The game is free to play. You can farming adena and buy kits. But if you want to make pvp then is p2w. Only matters what expectations you have from the game. Real f2p players should be not bothered about pay events.
  12. I see a lot of ppl that can't move on in game. The truth is for end gear you need real money but for casual playing is not much hard. You don't need to spend a single euro. Aden server gives a lot of free stuff in the begining. So if you play smart you can enjoy the game. I playing from begining my char is 79 lvl and i do small upgrades every time i had some adena. I don't even use alts chars. I focused on my mains damage to farm more adena day by day. And as i said i don't have spend single euro. If you have sayas will for 30 days you are fine. I was playing a lot of years on Naia and trust
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