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  1. So is there ever going to be a merge in the future? Simply because you must see people leavuing the server daily... And the 0 making of any new characters usually equals the game being dead or the Devs just don't give a bleep?? So which is it? or when will this merge happen ??? Cuz thus far, you've failed to ""bot protect"" the servers, cant even stop adena spammers ffs... Its called an ip spoofer try it out maybe and ip ban that would be super duper, but.... like today 4 hours to fix a bleepin event Tree …. MAAAAN just try and take into consideration people are playing your 15 yr old game and just be happy about it, you as DEV should be making this experience better for us as we have stuck with L2 for years..... SO please do something to benefit the actual players / ""these so called robots, that can pass your ""bot protection, simply deserve to be banned, if you cant play a game that's 15 years old/// go play something else. And yes the rates suck as always. But that wont change, they want you to buy xp runes .
  2. c1 og lf clan / cp

    Bd or sws ima play, i needs a clan / CP i play way more then enough,used to be a sws on bartz Og for like 7 yrs,,,, n52 friendly pm me on chronos or hit me up here 12hrs + easily /day play times
  3. Hi I know theres only like 20 active actual people who play kamael race, and well, we know how AWESOME our passive transforms are...... SO if possible look into changing them to something more usefull 85+ LOL oh and as well another Kamael only problem,,,,, RACE change ???? why not allow kamael to switch to another race... we've been around long enough that it should be a simple code and boom done ???? Looking at 1 wing for years is super boring, even with a cloak LOL at least make the cloak fit ffs lol, such an awkward stiff item. So thanks I guess....
  4. Montreal thend /0nceup0natime /BaronVonBurko /McFATTS/aSPECT....NOW i am ( FR3ND ) Bartz 102/99 Kamael Sts/wyn Quit once for 2 years , rerolled like 100000000000x cuz libra takes to long 100% non donater since FTP, still <3 this shit