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  1. Hi Staff, the last Saturday, Dimensional Raid was not working, the NPCs in the Arcan city never spawned. Is that fixed to the next Saturday? Thanks
  2. Hi, question.. Is there anyway to sell or trades the aghations? i have the Halloween One-Eyed Bat Drove TY

    Dimensional Raid it s bugged, please, fix that. TY
  4. i do not understand if you say "crying" to me, because if is that, you don t understand my last post. I don t cry, i love this game since years, and i know very well fight for an year to level up 1 level. If my last post can t understand sorry for my english, I just try to say when anyone arrive lvl. 85 only one quest to make until 95... only one quest "not dayli quest" kill 200 mobs... I kill 200 mobs in an hour aprox. i level up to 86... and then... no more quests to make... only kills mobs "without" quest until arrive to 95.. so..9 levels without quests... a little bored. before the last upgrade, anyone had a lot of quests to make from NPC penny but now, nothing quests to make from 86 to 95 level... PD: I only suggest make the "WHERE THE FATES INTERSECT" kill 200 mobs, dayli quest... or kill 2000 mobs, don t care. But have to make something while leveling 86 to 95 only suggest, don t cry ok, i repeat, i love this game and i support the NCSOFTs decisions, i only want to give a suggest to improve the experience bettwen the 86 to 95 levels
  5. yes! please, fix that, i play every days, but with this lags is imposible, Thanks PD: PLEASE, MAKE THE "WHERE THE FATES INTERSECT" QUEST, REPEATABLE, 200 MOBS TO KILL AND WAIT TO LEVEL UP TO 95 LEVEL, FROM 85 TO 95 WITHOUT QUESTS ?? please make the 200 mobs, DAYLY QUEST
  6. XIGNCODE ERROR Error - 2 (E0191009) This is my error, i have to much space in disk, and i have no firewall on. "XIGNCODE FAQs 0xE0191009 error occurrences This error code occurs when XIGNCODE has an issue during the update process. If the problem consists, please contact support@wellbia.com with your xigncode.log file attachment. We will get back to you as soon as possible." I WILL SENT MAIL TO SUPPORT WITH MY xigncode.log FILE RIGHT NOW I ll hope the issue get fix soon, Thanks ncsoft i will wait