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  1. they are still investigating get your jewels from loot boxes :))
  2. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/21802-herald-of-light-game-update-wednesday-june-16-2021/?do=findComment&comment=148732 Why wasn't IOS increase of adena in a 2 weeks event ? why would the NC West staff say is a permanent change and after 2 weeks change it back ? Nobody cares about xp event, its not doing anything to anyone, most players are 110+ they have all the XP/SKILLS they need. Players 112+ still cannot do 105 daily's its a joke of balance, at least don't call them 105 and 110 daily's, better rename them to HARD INSTANCE and INSANE INSTANCE. What a joke of a
  3. yeah.. like if you use BOT you get ban here we go, a bot with LOGIC and reacting to environment, still happily running on Naia plains and trashtalking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhS8I15270k
  4. im also interested in this info thanks for creating this thread.
  5. Don't tell me what to do, I didn't ask you anything.
  6. Any progress on the greedy chest new implementation ? Any progress on banning the ones who wore looking for chests with programmed Bots(the youtube "stars") ?
  7. only priority is server transfer because of the money who cares about 1 day penalty ? we played months and months with lags, everyone can wait 1 day :))
  8. i saw the videos, its not based on lies or imagination, like your post about me.
  9. What happened to the Greedy Treasure Chests ? Still investigating ? i see the Bots that wore filmed on youtube are still happy and trash talking in worldchat. all the tickets from support get generic copy/paste answers i think corruption is so big
  10. Forget about Greedy Chests, they don't bring any money in. The new cool thing is the server transfer for $50 only
  11. delay the compensation until nobody will talk about it
  12. well.. ofc i get disconnects during instances but atleast i can log back :))
  13. Same here, past 3 days i got d/c after 1h during the night, not worth it to play if im not near PC...
  14. those potions will be temporary, the CRP and personal rep is forever.
  15. i saw the details, we will get lots of CRP. Everybody needed party return scrolls, thank you so much. Dont ever think to change the clan shop.
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