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  1. I made a prestige subscription on Monday because i thought the adena in IOS is part of the new UPDATE since it was NOT removed on Thursday's maintenance announcement, after 30hours of "live". i thought, if they didn't fix it maybe finally they give opportunity for players to get adena. now after 1 week the amount was "incorect" i see this only as lack of care and a lot of disinterest, and a insult to players how pay real money. i feel like a fool and in my case i got scammed by they lack of interest and unprofessional to notice the IOS adena drops.
  2. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

    why would you extend this, it was a "cash grab target" and didn't met the expectations ?
  3. Hello, Please roll back the attendance check-in On this 28 day attendance check in event, the only relevant item was Freya bloody rune, you announced on forums that you will bring the old event back only today in the evening. But this morning i got the agathion joon charm instead of the freya bloody rune because i didn't know ... the announcement you will make later evening that u bring back the old system but i already used that last check in to take that crappy agathion. i would want the freya bloody rune, not the useless agathion. im lvl 107 yull and still cannot do the daily party instances with my CP (7ppl with DDs lvl 107) maybe with that freya bloody rune we would have a chance.. but now its gone forever because of this change and change back and not announcing anything on time im very disappointed of how this was handled... at least roll the event 2 days, im sure im not the only one in this situation. Thanks, maybe i will get positive feedback for this.