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  1. They do that every friggin time... plus it was shitty event anyway
  2. Unable to auto-use HP potions

    Okay, fixed!! Apparently when skillbar is locked I was unable to select potion.
  3. Unable to auto-use HP potions

    few of my chars got their HP potions depleted, and I stock them up again, but now I'm unable to activate HP potions When I open the section for setting up HP pots, I see the items, I selected them, also tried to change the percentage... after that hit "Apply" and nothing happened (see the second image) @Juji @Hime This happened on two computers (different IPs) and also tried to restart the whole Lineage (exit client and start again) Please advise
  4. increase Adena drop to reduce farming for adena

    Just realised that with mine 13 accounts I'm not even near to the top legit farmers, got full parti basically and few traders in Giran. It's exhausting. Why we can play as years ago, just with one box for healer or buffer and that's it, all this effort for making more and more Adena.. and at the end there's no drop of recipes or part or whatever! I have few characters that are Vip3 and vip4, so I'm paying to ncsoft, I cannot see any difference to this apart of few % exp on top of it - big deal, yes .. and few hats with +1-2 str or whatever... Where is the Classic I this new lineage rip-off ??? Only Skills are the same and armors/weapons.. the rest is spaghetti. Fix the server - we need drop of recipes
  5. NC SOFT ??? PLS...

    I like this sentence the most: “Since WoW Classic is literally an MMO from 2006”!! Not like the mashed potato we are playing:) a.k.a. Kompot
  6. Unplayable areas

    Let's rename the game.. it's not Lineage this what we are playing! Went to Imperial tomb (trough dropless WOA) and imagine what.. the tank got killed with one hit from a monster that I used to farm before with my necro in karmian set (C4)! Can I buy something from NCStore that make this game playable?
  7. Classic it's unplayable for newcomers

    Asking the real question here! Thank you!
  8. Missing drop

    Sad indeed. I do buy NCCoins but I don't find that part of Lineage.. missing old c4 and Interlude days - any server that I can enjoy that as in the good old time?
  9. Missing drop

    I don't see why there will be a mobs just for levelling.. and just for drop.. that's not L2.. that's something else!
  10. Missing drop

    Just hit level 70, and was told to check Wall of Argos for levelling. Imagine my surprise when there was no drop a all from the mobs!? Why NCSoft just get rid of all drops of all mobs in a area, what does this means ??? "BUY MORE NCCoins" !?!? @Hime @Juji Please explain this, also for other areas (Liele or fline Elder, Premos... I can remember what else) This is nonsense, the drop rates are sh1t anyways and there's this "no drop at all politic", what's next, by XP from store?
  11. 15 stabilized fails to +10 hat.

    22 enchants and only one hat from +6 to +7 ... what the hell, I can't imagine not increased chance what it will be... I demand refund!
  12. we need back Ancient Adena and Master Toma !
  13. Vip level in party

    @Juji @Hime any info on that?
  14. Vip level in party

    If I have vip level 4 and the rest of the party have no vip level at all, how does this work with the drop rate? Anyone have some observations on that topic? Thanks in advance
  15. Server Fix !

    Any update @Juji ? It's being a while.... Tomorrow is the day right, we'll get what we asked! BTw.. did anyone noticed that server (Giran) it's getting empty last week or more, despite the #stayathome trend. Fix the damn server... it's raduculous - 12 hours play on level 50 party of 3, got drop of less than 200k Adena.. 3 steels, 2 Varnishes and 1 SLS blade ... WTF! How .. HOW!!!? Also.. why random mobs on pretty much all areas are completely without any drop.. not a single Adena (Premo for example)? @Juji help the community, we are all player that play classic for the nostalgia, but you guys ruin that with the hard time you are giving us!