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  1. Server Fix !

    Again you are right, but they wont do anything
  2. Server Fix !

    Im not saying that you are wrong, i hate to se how there are less and less "linving people" on the server. I came back for bosses and social/clan stuff and all i can see is, well, bots, as ussual. The only thing im saying is that we need to get used to it, as we always do just beacause the people with the banhammer don't want (they can, but again, they DONT WANT) to use it
  3. Server Fix !

    Bots were always a part of Lineage2, take a look on the old forums. NC never, and i can't stress it enough, NEVER will do anything against them. And now with the afk grinding is even harder to see who is botting and who is afking the "legit" way. And BTW, the game will never die, there will be always people wiling to pay to be the best, and its not a bad thing, as long as NCW make things a little fair for people not running bot trains and wants to actually play the game.
  4. Weapon upgrade

    Dammit, i thought i was going to be able to you know, actually play the game. gona google for instructions on setup adena bot trains. By any chance, the quest "coins of magic" is avaiable on classic? or the "Credit card of magic" is the only quest doable?
  5. Weapon upgrade

    Hi, i started on day one of classic, got a top D grade weapon from the first event, but then i quit and came back now. Is there any chance to upgrade that weapon to C grade? Dont want to reroll for the 15 day Duals, and im willing to change that fists for a top D bow if anyone is willing to help. Another question, after that duals expire, is there any new quest or something that gives you free equipment? Im "Cascaruda ingame, thanks!
  6. Happy to be back

    My bad, sorry. I will be at the big merged server, im from Argentina (gmt -3)
  7. Happy to be back

    Hi guys, i returned this weekend after a long time without playing l2, but as all you must know, you never really quit this game, you just pause it. Glad to see the autofarm button, really an upgrade to the daily grind. But one thing creeps me out. There is no party anywhere! All you see are bot trains, or "units" as i saw in other post. I mean, the MMO part of the MMORPG is lost? or are there any clan that actually party/raid/organize anything? The autoparty is empty (except for selling a +19 Peril, GZ on that) I mean, i love this game, i love to contribute to the clan, raiding, even if its a low lvl raid that drops 15 stems, just for the fun of it, i love to help others, even if im lvl35. If there are any clan or group that thinks the same way, please answer this post, im willing to change server (anyway, im a 35 monk with top D wep, as i saw its easy to rerroll to that point) and im willing to change class to something more needed/useful, even i could change server. Thanks!!