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  1. This absolutely outrageous situation with this game. I spent $1500 and could not make my pendant lvl 3 +5? It is even hard to make lvl 3 +3 I used my old pendant to convert to lvl 3 and spent so much money for nothing $1500 trying to make it lvl 3 +5 ?
  2. I experienced a problem during Olympiad. The problem that I was kicked out from Olympiad with a message that you can't enter Olympiad loosing 24 points due to kicked out. While opening a ticket with NCsoft technical support about this issue I explained what has happened. The answer from NCsoft was, upon the investigation and checking logs it was found that I lost a game and lost 24 points. I am completely not agree with NCsoft investigation because during Olympiad games you can lose maximum 12 points to other player if you lose . NCSOFT claiming that it is possible to lose 24 points. I have re
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