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  1. Yup,exactly that. And that is the tip of the iceberg. If GM's were to check out patriots necropolis, necropolis of devotion and disciple. SIlent valley, lair of antharas... All filled to the brim with bots. It is easy to spot, auto hunt is not that functional. And if there were none in particular room and you do get the spot, guy logs in PK pony and kill afk kills you saying this is his private room. This issue needs to addressed. Like handing out 1000 character bans for starters. That should make a dent in bot numbers.
  2. You know those days when people would gather for raid bosses? Clans, alliances - everyone. Now as soon as raids spawns some guy just turns on his bots and they take all raids in a matter of minutes. GM's know it, everyone knows it. Rules says it is not allowed. Why the hell this is not enforced? Also there's a thing - most if not ALL 80+lvl people are using bots to level up and farm. Then characters and gear for real money. Basically people are making money of Lineage 2, which should go to developers. Classic server is like a milking cow for people. It's not about gameplay anymore. People who don't use bots are left to pick up scraps or join the bot army. Enlightening thought - we are playing to experience another world not to emulate our crappy ruined one. I don't think it should be hard to enforce... Unless it is somehow beneficial to NCSOFT. If it is, it is really sad. And purpose of playing lineage 2 is ruined. And don't get me started on the fact that some people act like they own a server.... We always have the botting heroes, using hero shout to show important and illiterate they are.
  3. New player friendly?

    Thank you for the input. I was considering getting buffer already, might as well add in a dd. 3account macro party it is... Too bad though, i love spoiling and grinding myself.
  4. New player friendly?

    I always loved classic lineage 2, not the one with awakened stuff, when people reach lvl 95 in 4hours... So after taking a break for 8 years, here i go again. Started playing in Gira. But what the hell is wrong here? Started playing my favorite class - spoiler and... materials and recipes cannot be sold in stores for adena, nobody buys materials, drops are low you basically make only enough money for soulshots , there's no newbie items, just temporary duals and it feels like most people are stuck in afk mode farming up new characters. And there are no money quests left! ANd where the hell are low level raids? They are never on.