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  1. elaborate? The only thing I constantly see people are saying is that auto-hunt and obviously bots are very bad. that kills party system. This is just a pathetic argument. Nobody's gonna spend 8hours grinding to get +0.5% to the exp anymore. Those times have passed. I am way more interested in playing will boxes (and it's sad that I can't run 11 of them) and then play on sieges and bosses. Even though grind is the huge part of this game, it's not about the grind. And people keep thinking it is. 15 years later. As I said. This game has a problem. It's finite. And with aut
  2. what's happening peeps? Just got back since 2008. Looks pretty usual to me. Botting was also a problem back then. The thing about lineage2 is the super boring grind. In 2020 nobody wants to grind and burn their time. So auto-hunt is a solution to that. I went to sleep and my char farmed entire night. Pretty good. This game was about sieges and fights for spots/bosses. You say as if NCsoft has like a lot of employees running around. I think they might barely have like 5-10 peeps still working on the game. Mb even less than that. It's pretty much a custom free shard server with all the pay
  3. Thank you, good person. Yeah I figured that you can only buff or heal/recharge on the second acc. How much delay are you putting on the buffer btween buffs and follow? I did 600seconds, but thinking about cutting it shorter a bit. I am on Talking Island
  4. Hey all, I made a recent come back to the game. Going to be a SpellSinger. Looking for clan to network, chat and potentially raidboss/party. I don't use bots or stuff like that. Don't need help with money or anything. Just a good company that is playing frequently. Ingame nickname - Duke
  5. Hey everyone, yesterday got back to LineageII. Haven't played since Kamael in 2008. Trying to set up a dualbox autohunt. yet-to-be spellsinger + SO. I've seen people having the little window, where they can use the macro and stuff like that. My SO would keep attacking mobs. I just want her to buff and recharge. Plus I need them to sit, when they are out of mp. Possible to do so?
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