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  1. Can you look into a new update with 9 man/woman parties. This was always fun and maybe you could ad a sliding xp bonus for full parties. Get people together it would be more fun for difficult places and stuff.
  2. Again, open a new live server.

    The excitement surrounding the opening of the classic server was real. Imagine the excitement of opening a new server with a subscription base service verse in game purchases. I would pay at least $50.00 a month to start over in a server with all the boosts now and real drops. Sort of a classic meets live new style.
  3. Forgive me if this has been covered, what is the maximum experience boost you can attain. For example, specifically what party size, runes, pots, consumables, packs etc. Im returning after about a 6 month break and noticed some new changes. Any experts willing to share their experience in this matter. Thank you in advance.