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  1. Its a game, your a player in that game. "Clans who put effort to gather people to play the game correctly are getting punished. " I see two things wrong here. First you assume your doing it correctly, and second you claim your getting punished. This is a game free to play, anyone can join and play. Let some people catch up, ohh high and mighty one.
  2. Want more pvp? Leave the pvp on the siege field. All this you sign up to take my castle Im gonna wtfsdfopafdij pown you till you quit is ridiculous. Occasional fights break out what not no drama, but this endless wait in town for weeks just to gank a pvp party l2blahhhhh. The siege system was and is the only thing different about this game and bullies with charge cards always try to ruin it. 2 cents.
  3. Can you look into a new update with 9 man/woman parties. This was always fun and maybe you could ad a sliding xp bonus for full parties. Get people together it would be more fun for difficult places and stuff.
  4. Forgive me if this has been covered, what is the maximum experience boost you can attain. For example, specifically what party size, runes, pots, consumables, packs etc. Im returning after about a 6 month break and noticed some new changes. Any experts willing to share their experience in this matter. Thank you in advance.
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