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  1. lol, even if there are some ways to make adena nobody will tell you on forum...do you think players are stupid? Next day you reveal a method NcSoft will find it too lucrative and cut the income. EDIT: its not r95, its r grade paulina and all toons can get it at lvl 40 (in your case you cant have it...you are ertheia)
  2. I'm please to find that you have sense of humor Atleast for you there is hope
  3. Dread is even bigger adena eater Probably a terrible choice for dualclass since he is not useful in 99+ content. However, the difference cant be so big....in the end, Dread is not a damage dealer but a mass control toon. Your damage is very low with or without bloody spear.
  4. Unfortunately NcSoft fail again...I dont think Its the company it self but the Gms who supose to manage the game. Hime,Neutron and Conquero should be replace with fresh blood....This situation escalade too much. If they made a proper announcement regarding this event this would never hapent....but they are busy to "mute" players on forum instead of make a calendar with events that have huge impact . I wonder...the company is blind or what? Since they came in our life number of players has reduce with more then 50%, when they came we had 4 servers...now we are downsize to 2...Btw hav
  5. Listen, 1-99 in lazy mode can be done in 1-2 weeks...stop worrie about lvl 1 buffs. I dont think you fully understand how important is iss in a party...he do buffs but he do also debuffs, at,heal,ress,etc, 40% less def for mobs its something important. Its not simple to play ISS... You have to know every aspect of game. I think you should take Nuky advice and focus on a DD...Also you are on a wrong path, I mean you even not hit lvl 103(you are still considered low lvl, you need 105) and you think about dualclass . Im telling you again, Tyrr Duelist is not good...not good in pve,
  6. Hi, Your second choice..Tyrr duelist as dual is not so good. You can choose Titan and play with 2h Sword(iss have 2h sword mastery too). All ISS enchanters are nice toons to play, they are not damage dealers but they are versatile...Best exp sistem is dual: 1 iss+1dd. Hiero get a nice buff at 101 lvl named POM and at 103 he get Knight buff lvl 2, SWS played as active ISS trigger a party buff when he hit mobs-very nice that one too and at 103 he get Wizard buff lvl2. From my experience, iss can solo start to 85 all kartia grup with moderate equipment(main source of exp 85-9
  7. What NcSoft did was a prove of good business practice. Imagine you go in shop and buy a very expensive watch and next day the company make 80% discount promo for that watch....what you do? Im telling ...you ask compensation. Same thing happent here, nab truffle made his fists lvl 3 and next day NcSoft made a promo with dragon weapons...sound legit to ask compensation.
  8. What do you mean prices are high? Abundance lvl 1 >>>5 to 7 bil. It is not cheaper to buy from l2store...trust me, I crafted one and cost me more. |Its better to buy one allready made then to craft yourself....but ofc, if you are so brave to craft it with 70% chance of succes then its cheaper. "Conquero leave me alone Im not talking with you!"
  9. Here my 50Cents... -Abundance you have in AH...no need event. Last one fail bad due to very high prices. -T-shirt event...yes, we will have dragon t-shirts event...not elemental.... so prepare your wallet for August-September(more like September).
  10. Merge Naia+Freya wont bring lower prices in AH or ppl for high lvl instances...Useless action to do. I wasnt a fan of chronos...but its the only server where you can play atm. Merge all server in one...that could be interesting for a while.
  11. NcSoft it is an American company who hide operational and financiary in UK due to low taxes there...At the moment its better to live in Europe, you are better protected due to UE&UK ecommerce legislation(its way more severe then USA).
  12. ok, all stats reverted...now its ok. Seems like logout and login worked. Ty Yidao as always
  13. Hello, I dont know if this is happening only to me or is a general bug...down there we can see my stats and HP bar etc with Abilities from Warrior tree: I had: x4 berseker might:Patack 4%, x3 berseker element 30, x4 berseker focus +40 crt, x4 berseker death 7%, x2 Berseker Battle: 6% patack So, 10% more patack and check my hp, pdef and mdef Here I have none abilities chosed.....look for my Patack, Hp bar, Pdef and mdef...hell matack too I just dont get it....Its normal like this? What do I do worng? Ps: Thanks for baninng 24h Conquero...now I know for su
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