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  1. I'm curious if @Juji or any mods would pick this up and try to work out a solution with their user who is clearly willing to cooperate and wants to "pay". Banks are terrible to deal with nowadays, it's all robots who you speak to, whose AI is just not there yet. I don't believe this can be resolved on that front. I'm curious to see if NCSoft is willing to find a solution. I just put myself in Wallabi's shoes (provided what he's saying is true) Would be reassuring to know that NCSoft actually cares for their user-base and wouldn't just blindly follow policies that don't actually apply 10
  2. Who mentioned selling or buying? It's completely out of the scope of my original post.
  3. It's why I said "rare items". +10 Cloaks are all around, rarity begins at +15 - +20
  4. When it comes to fairly rare items, trading is not an option anymore. You can setup shout macros on 6 toons a day without getting one single message. Market is also dead. It moved to RMT sites.
  5. Having burnt 1000 of your cloak augment stones on ONE specific cloak and not getting the augment I was hoping for - I am deeply disgusted in the direction this game is moving forward to. I am fairly sure the success rate of the artifact enchanting will be similarly nerfed (again!) without any communication towards us, the playerbase. This is how you sell more of your products instead of coming up with more creative ways, game contents that we wouldn't mind paying for. Shame on you! This games deserves to close down for good.
  6. So you're saying the anti-BOT is not against those that are doing 2 spot IoS with pets? Asking for a friend...
  7. Antharas: "Orfen, (adopted) son of Baium, I now baptize you in the name of Eva, Kain and the holy Pa'agrio"
  8. As one of those "full geared" players I'm asking you not to force me to farm solo Neutral Zone, nerf the adena or the very least add same adena/mob to ketra/varka/spores so I can solo those instead!
  9. @Juji @Hime This would be really useful to know.
  10. Shameful really. How do you only realise what is going on after 8 hours or so? This is either lack of interest or lack of management. Are we not paying enough?
  11. Glad to see this pissed you off farmer. Wishing all the best,
  12. Well done on removing Greedy Chests! Lag or no lag it was nothing more than RMT farm as average players had no real chance on finding them due to the camera networks around.
  13. Check the time interval the announcement says, and leave out the perspective of what's being fair and what isn't. And don't waste your time responding unless you have the answer to my question.
  14. What? You might have mixed up quotes, I'm not complaining at all. Just asked a question. I do recognize however that Degus above had a valid point
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