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  1. Pls hire some people to work on additions to the world , make another tower or something that's a little more difficult then toi…. fill execution grounds with something too...make some perks to noobie areas other then quickly lvling from 0-20 stuf like that.
  2. L2 Classic jobs not done Regarding REDS

    That's funny.
  3. L2 Classic jobs not done Regarding REDS

    Why are you so lazy ? Yes go workoff your karma like normal people and the percentage of people pking in low lvl zone with high level I bet is less then 1%
  4. L2 Classic jobs not done Regarding REDS

    Exactly, why would NCSOFT take away teleports and allow only perma Summoners to teleport in ? Give us some incentives for hunting down that red other then deleveling it. I felt like NCSOFt what they did here is force everyone to build a pony just to be strong which is very silly, take away their ability to summon in have them build a reagular pk toon or their mains that has to be stuck in that zone if they wanna go perma ….. this will create more dividend for PK scrolls NCSOFT !
  5. L2 Classic jobs not done Regarding REDS

    I ment not allowing Perma Reds to teleport.
  6. You did a good job not allowing perma reds but you need to stop summoning for perma reds why do I have to lvl a naked perma red pony and waste my time hoping clan members don't quit the game or my clan just so I can protect them from other vicious types of people, its too easy for perma red summoner to pk, pls don't let them port in summon in or whatever its the same thing, let their alts and mains come and do the pk themselves not a naked perma red pony who can just send a pet at you.
  7. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    Juji I just bought Scroll of Darkness and its not even for my class, why don't you guys have correct information on the item what class its for ????? pls refund me my ncoin you know my character it connected to my forum account if you want it email me, support is ignoring me.
  8. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    I bought a scroll of darkness and nothing happens when I try to use it, forums say its a rare elemental boss drop ? what do I do ?
  9. Exp/Adena rates after rework

    Are you really working on it ? because I was expecting a new update this morning , are you experimenting on us ? Im not a fool you increased all these soul shots wyou can buy with a new coin plus exp scrolls ect ect, don't make this game shit like what happened to Aion because I swear I will delete everything and never return and your player base will be much lower.
  10. Server Fix !

    Hurting regular players with decreased adena is not the answer, trust me I thought about it too.
  11. As a returning player I was hoping Classic would have all the same areas as essence and the same lvl cap with classic mechanics, pls look into this thanks .
  12. Classic Server Game Update: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

    With most drops rate as rare as it is , pls make a new event since covid is still thriving.
  13. [GIRAN] Clan recruiting new people

    Are you still recruiting ?