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  1. That's even worse as you have a moral responsibility to keep the clan alive. I know no amount of asking here will change anything, they do as they see fit, but I bet not a single one of the devs or "community managers" play this game at all. If they did they would know they are hurting it's long term future. Unless they think it's run its course, and in which case why not give something back to the player base. An event where everyone can benefit not just the already rich or no longer interested. The Adena value has gone silly and if you trade those costs against real value £$ whatev
  2. Hi All, I am an old player in the sense of real age and how long ago I played L2. I played the Beta and from the very first day of almost getting my ass handed to me by a giant spider on Talking Island I was hooked. I played right through to C4 left returned for for Goddess of Destruction then left again,went to a couple of illegal servers then quit. well I came back 5 days ago and OMG NCSoft what have you done to this game? What was an instant ban now seems to be the norm, AFK macro running auto attack toons...seriously? I don't mind I out leveled my 7+ years character in like 40 mi
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