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  1. Maybe NCSOFT should really boost support class?? Understand that Healer is not needed in all party. But ISS?? Really can't find any party everyday... how to level??
  2. Prolly you are playing an Evi. People are just stating facts. When Archer are OP, people say nerf .... it all goes ard.
  3. After last expansion EVI killing faster than YUL is perfectly normal. Some EVi with good gear also 1 hit the mob in Imperial Tomb and Tanor.
  4. Anyone know that those artifact that I equip will provide the indicated stats.. like +2% Vampire Rage... +3% heal...etc. EVEN its yet to complete the whole set. It's seems a MAJOR BOOST if u deck up with artifacts.. Any +3 only cost like 2 to 6 bil. To equip all is not expensive at all
  5. There's no point having to queue, few things will happen. While in queue, it will close the client abruptly after waiting 30-40 mins. When you are able to log in, it stuck at selection and DC. Even when you are able to pass that stage.. it will take forever to load or it will DC. Worse thing, when it go into game... it just freeze forever.. few mins later DC. For the last 40 hrs... i am only able to play at most 10 mins. What is going on?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. TRUE HARD FACT, that NCSOFT already destroy the basic mechanism of Lineage2. Economy is gone cos Crafting is dead. Class balance is gone, cos of some overpower class. So just go and make a new archer!! Just like what I did... and all other players did.
  7. Hi all, Anyone got any idea how doe the shield absorb damage work? Passive skill? I dun see any active skill at all for this. If passive skill, I've never seen it activate before.
  8. This is something that doesn't need to debate. Archer is way too overpower, a fact. I'm not surprise at all , that an Exalted archer kill faster then a Feoh with +12 Gear. Go check out 107-115 hunting area, you can see yourself how fast 1 solo archer take down mob, where a group of party too much longer. Which is also one reason why everyone re-roll archer. 80% of my clan have re-roll to archer....man Soon you will see whole server full of archers.. what game will Lineage2 be?.... Cannot beat them, go join them. ALL RE-ROLL Archer!!
  9. Archer is the most POWER class in most of the CHRONICLE. Isn't any different after GOD OF DESTRUCTION, even till now. Dun think anyone can debate on that. A slight nerf on archer is nothing. They are still the most power class now. Really.
  10. Hi all, Need advice on this. Was told that if you fail your enchant, can report to Ncsoft to restore your blown weapon/armor. Is there such a thing?
  11. After reading this patch on arrow. I'm also confuse. So still need arrow to shoot? Or arrow dun exist anymore after the patch?
  12. Wanted to try.. but was hold back after a fren's experience. 300 boxes but all junks. I guess best to sell it for adena which is much worth it.
  13. What's there for him to get things wrong? U just port in and kill mob. I've roughly or slightly better gear then him as a lvl 108 Archer. I'm also getting "D".....
  14. RolanZ not answering to the question. Actually, I also wonder where to get all this lifestone now. L2Store? Raid Boss? How the hell one going to augment without a way to get it. Of course you can pay crazy price for it in AH.
  15. Well, I am in this game since BETA. I have never left the game. I've been playing this game for 16-17 years. What about the time when Rune stone was once 40-50mil? I'm pretty shock that someone actually highlighted that RUNE stone drop from 250m to 110m (During EVENT) Not all players are Pay To Win. Or Even paying to play the game. Yes, to be fair. NCWEST did improve the game. But the ratio as to improving the game was slightly off compare to breaking the system.
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