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  1. Lineage2: Broken System??!!

    Well, I am in this game since BETA. I have never left the game. I've been playing this game for 16-17 years. What about the time when Rune stone was once 40-50mil? I'm pretty shock that someone actually highlighted that RUNE stone drop from 250m to 110m (During EVENT) Not all players are Pay To Win. Or Even paying to play the game. Yes, to be fair. NCWEST did improve the game. But the ratio as to improving the game was slightly off compare to breaking the system.
  2. Anyone still playing Feoh Soul Taker?

    I got a lvl 106 Mystic Feoh and i think Feoh is the best PVE and PVP class. Hit hard and kill fast.
  3. Evi & Feoh overpower?

    Nerf? I've read that it's gonna get a BOOST instead. Feoh is really extremely strong esp the Mystic Muse (Light Elf). You can't even move against them when PVP.
  4. Evi & Feoh overpower?

    I've max Forgotten Skills.
  5. Been wondering whether this 2 class is too overpower. I got an ELF Archer (Level 106) with +14 Bloody Bow and full +10 Armor, with pretty good jewel. I just dun understand why Evi or Feoh with AVERAGE GEAR (+8/+9 Weapon) can kill faster than me (Most of my skill are +10 to +15). Evi and Feoh got better PVE skill? Thinking of re-rolling, but getting a toon to Lvl 105 take a really long time....