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  1. Well, first things first... I really appreciate the concern of actively seeking for feedback. Although I see many players here concerning about having their suggestions being ignored for a long time, I take this as a change of attitude and hope for the better. The concern for providing party specialized areas and other collective activity should be a permanent effort. And I believe you have been making important achievements on that, from Varkas/Ketra to the new Neutral zone. The new exalted sets were a good move to. I recognize the game has a very complex social and economi
  2. I corroborate your observations. I am regularly with Yuls with comparable gear I have and their Dmg is way higher than mine. The crit rate cap on mages are one of the problems. Even with nerf, most Yul hits are still almost 100% depending on gear.
  3. Any chance of fixing Shadai to recover the option to upgrade to La vie lv.2, mysteriously removed from npc?
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