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  1. drops are so bad. i wonder when will we have access to the math arround opening the chests .
  2. and what is the bug ?
  3. if they are that childish then they would do me favor by banning me.
  4. why would they ban me, LOL i just showed them a bug or a breach and also asked them for some info about how to use it. i wouldnt mind a lvl 3 dragon weapon.
  5. Hi Guys, i am glad that you finaly decided to give me a GM shop. can you please teach me how to use it also? https://ibb.co/JsGczMP https://ibb.co/18R5jj3 If this window pop up on my screen probably poped up on more.
  6. and the biggest problem is that everywhere on forum there are accusations of people using boots and selling items on real money but the NCSoft team doesn't give a sh.it.
  7. be very carefull on the future aswell. that l2store is a scammer not only in this situation. They're all here to rob ya dude.
  8. That is if no other bot knows about it and if you have enough dmg to kill it. remember that not every1 has your gear.
  9. Greedy chest should be programmed to spawn randomly only in the spots where mobs are killed.
  10. you could make a ticket and explain this situation. as long as you still have all items from opening the chest i think they can refund your Ncoins. make a ticket. they will answer quite quick.
  11. Just don't start dude. best advice ever.
  12. the guy has a point. game is shit. enchant rate is 0, drop is close to 0, adena drop is 0 compared with the prices for low to medium gear items and farming is imposible without medium to top items.
  13. So much truth in only 1 post. Good job mate.
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