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  1. I am telling i dont like my new class, i am level 116 and made a big mistake! I just want to know if at next red libra we can change back our mains. Why to want to back to our old main class can be tragic? It is our game right? So we only want enjoy our game. I dont understand why is tragic. And why it is so difficult to NCSOFT to put at sore a stone or something to change the main classes? It is more money for the complay and they can make happy players, where's the problem?
  2. Let's hope they will accept. Thanks Draecke.
  3. Hello, I would like to make a suggestion concerning the last Red Libra event for those who changed their main class and want back to old main class. A mistake is human, all of us can do mistakes. Suggestion - why not add at L2 store, for a limited time (or permanent) a kind of Stone of Destiny, even expensive I am sure it can works and will made a lot of people really happy? I heared arround me a few friends who wants to quit the game because they dont like their new main class, as I said a mistake is human. Please, consider my suggestion, you will win selling an item and we win to
  4. The solution is quite simple. If the server is too loaded, it must be managed intelligently. As Eviscerator I have delays with each skill I use, lag melees, it's unacceptable to play with such lags, it's unacceptable to be a good spender on this game by buying Ncoins at each event to play as a crap. Let's start to give my ideas: - Greedy Chests bots, there are more and more bots waiting for greedy chests, it is impossible to exp in peace without having three, four bots maybe more on the sides. Change the way to the Greedy Chests appear, dropping them directly from mobs peopl
  5. Are you going to fix 3th exalted quest in Coal Mines? Points don’t count since weeks. Waste time doing quest there.
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