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  1. sorry but that dont work the mobs have very decent damage, archer more, and boss hit in aoe so as a wym i can heal myself and pets imposible 30 seconds spawm mobs kill mobs again kill mobs again no posible to normal gear shadow weapon set+6 102 rose knight pom full buff neee. try other event the mobs drops something.. very fail
  2. cuek cuek I just report the autobots with top armor/weapon gear jue jue, 15 y old game amazing still alive, old school and that boring things come men take a time machine and go back to 2004, anyway macro loop es the only way to make adena for a lot of people tauti octavis baloks etc etc. and YES i want easy things u think im going to play and bleep my tendons of hands u are very very crazy, the amoung of time u playing dont reflect nothing sorry. that dont make u smart. gl
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