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  1. hhehe fortune pockets gonna drop only from lv 1---->99lv
  2. some funny info on ruoff servers how they fight with pk farmers Copy paste -----> Go On March 19, after the completion of planned maintenance work in the PK system, an important change will occur: Chaotic characters with a PK counter of 4 or more will not lose items when they die. Items that were previously destroyed by the death of a chaotic character will no longer collapse. The chance of losing items at death has always been an important part of the PK system, as a conscious risk to the killer of peaceful players and as a possible reward for PK hunters. Recent
  3. reinstal l2 it works if u have black l2 icon (new l2 icon red)
  4. COPY PASTE---> lhttps://4gameforum.com/threads/738375/ This guide will not be for beginners. The considered method is not discovery or know-how, but there are no sources with guidance, accurate information, description and calculations. It will be useful for people who want the quickest way to provide themselves with books to teach forgotten skills, or just want to productively farm Adena, as well as enlighten those who have a bad idea of what benefits can be obtained by playing in several windows. Also, I will try not to slander you with references to the knowledge base, but to
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BfWjRfkweM&feature=youtu.be https://4gameforum.com/threads/737915/
  6. killed with healer killed with tank killed with iss killed with evi,mage,titan
  7. not only RU servers, EU aswell (nice to know future)--->> bla bla bla EU team post https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/658257/ Dear L2 EU Community! Last week our team gathered to plan out the rest of the year. We hope this covers most of your requests and needs. As usual, this plan doesn't include forum activities or L2 Store promotions. August: Orfen Update Heroes Welcome promotion for returning players X2 rates Attendance Event September: End of Attendance event Some farm event (we're waiting for the
  8. Pikaciu

    Info about feoh

  9. Pikaciu

    Info about feoh

    COPY/PASTE Feoh Archmage guide Why Archmage? Do you want to play in a party and level very efficiently at AoE spots? Do you want to pvp in every form (1v1, Group vs Group, Clan vs Clan)? Then do not choose Archmage, choose Storm Screamer. On the other hand, Archmage can be a good option if you own a Valakas mage weapon or want to play mainly olympiad. Regardless of your choice, the following guide will cover what you want to know as a Feoh since there are lots of similarities between the different classes. Creating a character There a
  10. preview pages : http://lineage2.plaync.com/update/h...en_163x163_20171122&source=logger_kw&_C_=2821 Patch notes : http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/update/view?articleId=632272 With google translate https://translate.google.com/transl...date/view?articleId=632272&edit-text=&act=url
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