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  1. hhehe fortune pockets gonna drop only from lv 1---->99lv
  2. some funny info on ruoff servers how they fight with pk farmers Copy paste -----> Go On March 19, after the completion of planned maintenance work in the PK system, an important change will occur: Chaotic characters with a PK counter of 4 or more will not lose items when they die. Items that were previously destroyed by the death of a chaotic character will no longer collapse. The chance of losing items at death has always been an important part of the PK system, as a conscious risk to the killer of peaceful players and as a possible reward for PK hunters. Recently, however, some users have begun to abuse this mechanic, out of mercenary motives forcing other players to inadvertently become PK. From now on, such actions lose their meaning. Please note that all other existing penalties for PC characters have remained unchanged. We closely monitor developments, in the future other changes in the PK system are possible. Thank you for your feedback and enjoy the game! Alioth , Вчера, в 14:31
  3. camera bug ?

    reinstal l2 it works if u have black l2 icon (new l2 icon red)
  4. COPY PASTE---> lhttps://4gameforum.com/threads/738375/ This guide will not be for beginners. The considered method is not discovery or know-how, but there are no sources with guidance, accurate information, description and calculations. It will be useful for people who want the quickest way to provide themselves with books to teach forgotten skills, or just want to productively farm Adena, as well as enlighten those who have a bad idea of what benefits can be obtained by playing in several windows. Also, I will try not to slander you with references to the knowledge base, but to provide a holistic and self-sufficient guide, through which I will give you an interesting direction for thinking about farming, supported by calculations and personal experience. Go All feathered pvet! On our servers, it is not the first week that the update Fafurion has been installed, which has brought many different buns, the main ones of which are obviously the skills of a forgotten power. What is it and why they are needed are not told only lazy, so I will not exaggerate the same topic for the thousandth time, but just in case I will leave a link to the description of skills of forgotten power and continue! Having looked at the skills, each person imagines them on the first day, teaching them up to level 30, because they give an unprecedented increase in comparison with everything that they had previously introduced, and for those who already have everything, they become the only goal. Literally on each server, many top and solo players and contests dropped their skills and moved to astatin and the astatin factory to farm these books. But a little later, there comes an understanding that such valuable bonuses cannot be so easily obtained and having already cooled off the ardor and having meticulously calculated everything, it turns out that learning these skills is worth not only a lot of money, but also a huge number of books that you can’t learn. quantities needed, and also not easy to buy. I propose to look at the plates with the calculation of the cost of new skills. Book prices were taken at the Hatos server at the time of writing the guide. Go Go The astatina factory has always been a favorite place for various trainers who don’t have a good boost and just some pretty well-dressed DDs standing there alone or with a window buff. Although the profit was doubtful, but it was stable and did not require the expenditure of effort. Of course, not only with a kind word, some will remember this location, in which they often try to undress through PCs of charms left unattended. So do not forget about it, if after reading the guide you will immediately rush to occupy free rooms and decide to take a nap, tired of recounting fast-flying books. What is this location is beneficial for us, you are interested. In response to this, I have a whole list of advantages, looking at which you will not linger with the choice of location for the farm: Mobs do not cause significant damage, and therefore our characters are very undemanding to armor Each spot is a separate small room, as a result there is no need to collect mobs and the ability to leave the characters in one place for a long time. Very low latency respawn mobs, which gives us the opportunity to disperse the farm by strengthening DD Almost infinite mana, due to the high MP regeneration in this location, as a result, the heals can even without a good boost, heal nonstop, and the magician stand under the MS all the time The ability to farm this location from 101 levels, which is easily achievable by newly created characters Lack of the need for an active game - just watch out how our charms are fully automated with macros No mobs and other debuffs Once in this location, we are faced with a choice in which part of it to take the spot. Total location is divided into 3 zones: Blue , in which few mobs, but they are fatter and drop from them a little better. It does not interest us, since it is the high kill rate of mobs that is important to us. In this zone there are usually many empty rooms. Green , in which mobs are much more than in blue. The most beloved zone of all, since there are no mobs with a long-range attack type, like mages and archers. Ideally, it is her farm, but she is the most sought after of all. Red , almost identical to green, but in it we will be attacked by mobs with the far type of attack. This is not critical and you should not refuse to farm here, if there are no free rooms in the green. Go Go Having understood that we want to farm and where, it remains to be decided by whom. The standard set for the pharma factory astatina is 5 charms of the following professions: - YES (he is also a knight of hell ), has an advantage due to his 101Lvl aura , which gives 10% attack magic and increases the DPS of our magician. At the same time, the rest of it is not inferior to other tanks. Instead of YES, you can use HQ (he is templar of Shilen ), which has a similar aura effect. - Kuro-SH. At the moment, the only current type of magicians is the Kamael magician , who changed prof to CX (he is the master of the storm ) with the help of the essence of chaos mined in a game store for 350 rubles. This allows us to leave a 2-profile skill Kamael , giving 20% of the cooldown of skills, sacrificing a small amount of attack magic . Learn more about how to create such a magician, you can find a lot of information both on the forum and on YouTube. - PP . The best choice of Isa will be just PP, since at the 101 level it has the most imbalous buff , giving as much as 25% to the power of crit. The only one who can contend with him is SVS , but we would have to swing the light one to at least 103 level for the sake of mage level 2 harmony , and even at 103 he would give our mage a smaller DPS increase than the PP by 101. - you can choose any of the three professions, because your choice will not affect anything, so choose the one who does not feel sorry to be left locked up for many long months or whose model you like more. - the spoiler has no options at all, except to be born a girl or an old man. We choose whom we want to stare more. This is the composition I will consider in this guide. Of course, various variations of the composition are possible, for example, if your magician kills mobs from a crit, then you will be spoiled by nothing, perhaps like a tank and heal. But if we consider the newly created charms aimed at farming this location, then this is the optimal composition of the party. Go Maybe someone will rally with friends or soklanami for a productive farm, and someone will gather a random house, trying to squeeze the benefits of a couple of free hours. But there will be those who would like to try to do everything on their own and single-handedly break the bank of a continuous stream of adena and books, and it is for them that I write this guide. Some of them probably even have a couple of necessary characters abandoned for better times or their main character is suitable for inclusion in our mini-train. But for the purity of the experiment, all calculations will be made from the condition that we create our train from scratch. But at the same time, keep in mind that if your main enchantment is a magician, then you can start a machine that prints the cherished books for you almost without attachments and in just 1-2 days! If you do not have your own magician, then you have to spend a little more. Remember that our main resource is time. The sooner we get any experience, the sooner we can begin to improve in this area. And in conditions of limited time, it is all the more important to use it as efficiently as possible. Among all the characters, only one we need to pump, not using the option of creating a character through the order of the Balthus - our magician, since we need a passive skill from the 2nd profession. Fortunately, many people now provide pumping services from level 1 to level 85 in a matter of minutes and some tens of millions of adenes. With their help, we will pump our sub-classes for the mage and, if desired, for our other windows. Having pumped the magician “from scratch” to 85, as well as creating the rest of the spell with the help of the Baltus Order, the question arises: “What to do next”. The fastest option to achieve the coveted 101 level is a combination of using books of growth and services on powerlifting. For example, having bought only 600 books of growth for 100 million adenes, from level 85 we can reach level 92 in just 30 minutes. And then, in another 2 hours and a couple of billion adena, get your 101 lvl using the services of pumping, which are provided on all servers without exception. It is better not to abuse growth books, because because of them you will be left without a joint venture and you will not be able to teach all skills, and you still have to stand with 101 enchantments on 105 mobs. In addition, the effect of growth books is reduced by a factor of 5 to 99, and experience with each level is much more necessary. The optimal level to which you can use them is the 92nd. By the way, if you expect to farm as much as possible, do not forget to pump the dual magician to 99 or 101 levels in order to get the opportunity to learn dual skills. If you plan everything properly, you can, without haste, have time to prepare our charms in 1-2 days. Go Astatin factory - location in which due to the development of DD, farm can be accelerated multiple times. Having tested the farm with various charms in the role of DD, I came to the conclusion that investing in DD is profitable, but even a newly created spell with minimal boost already brings a tangible profit. I will not limit you to the fact that you are ready to put on your characters, but first let's consider the minimum necessary boost for our train. The most costly character will be our magician. First of all, we need to acquire PVE with retribution , a weapon with a sharpening from +5 to +8 would be a not too expensive option, while +7 is probably the most popular option giving maximum damage for a minimum of money. In it we will put 2 SAs: the first Mermedin on the power of magic crit, the second Pantheon on the power of magic crit + speed of caste. Who wants to experiment - here is a sign with a complete list of SA effects . An alternative for PVE retaliation is enhanced shadow retribution , which has "embedded" CAs for castes and a magician crit, but with more or less the same efficiency compared to +7 PVE with retaliation with two SAs, enhanced shadow retribution costs more. If desired, we catch drugs for 8/10/15% of the power of magical crit if you feel lucky. Of course, our mage needs a set, it will be enough to have a set of hell or a cadera sharpened by +6, since it is with this sharpening that we get a good bonus to the carrying capacity, which allows us to throw more spirithots on the magician, as well as a small bonus to the rollback of skills: All subsequent sharpening set bonuses are of no interest to us. The next item of expenditure is jewelry. Our choice: the ant queen's soul ring, isthina's magic ring and valakas necklace . Earrings can take any, but you can not take them at all. Having bought jewelry, we buy a belt, a choice of budget options, either a gustav belt , or an attack belt in PSU from Olympus. Next, we buy sapphire level 3+ and SCG level 3+. We put the tattoo +15 INT, we buy the rune of Eva for 30 days, which also gives us 20% of skill recoils and 10% HP. In the end, if we are in budget, then we take a hat of 10% attack magician. We sharpen attacking skills with the help of codes of at least +7 - +14 for the remaining adena, this will be optimal in terms of the ratio of damage gain and adena cost. What dual skills to take for a magician everyone decides for himself, since opinions on this matter are still different. But I believe that if the twin has not dispersed kickbacks and castes aids, then there is no great master from rabies , but crites and magic attacks will give a steady increase in DPS. Under the mage with approximately such equip, all subsequent calculations for farm will be made: Wearing a mage, proceed to the collection of equipment for the tank. We take a set of hell / cadera turned to +6 - it will be enough for us not to die. In the hands we give any weapon with the SA on the CP: the most budgetary option is the S grade sword with one SA, and the maximum that is worth the fork is a requiem avenger with two SAs. We put tattoos from + 9 + to + 15 + ı, depending on what funds allow you. For rune stones, we teach the aura of level 101. The final touch will be a cap + 5% of p.def, which costs nothing. The same talisman saihi 1-3lvl and diamond 1-3lvl at will. We do the same with the heal, tattoo from + 9 + to + 15 +, weapon from С to R grade with 1 or 2 SA on HP. Sethilu without special need, since the goal for the mobs will be extremely rare, but if you prefer reliability, you can buy turned into a set of hell / cadera. Hila also take a hat + 5% p.def. The same talisman saihi 1-3lvl and diamond 1-3lvl at will. Spoiler - besyavaya shlyndra, scurrying back and forth and shoving mobs with a knife so that the last of the treasure rained. She will not be superfluous to give a set of hell / kadeira turned +6, and you can fork out by +8, which, in addition to extra vitality, will give her an additional rollback of skills that will allow you to spoil mobs more often and be more maneuverable due to AL . In your hands, you guessed it, C - R grade weapons from CA to HP, tattoo CON on the budget. There is no point in putting a tattoo on the UDCH, since without overclocking to the limit values it will not give us a significant increase in spoil and is unlikely to pay off even in months. For the same reason, we take a hat not for good luck, but for 5% of p. The same talisman saihi 1-3lvl and diamond 1-3lvl at will. And the last on the list is our Ppshka - the most unpretentious of the whole crowd. All she needs is to learn the POM skill for 8 rune stones. If you give C a stick with a CA to hp, you will be immensely happy, but you can do without. This is where her claim to your wallet ends. The only thing that will be useful for the RP is to teach combo-buffs at 101 and 103 levels of 4 rune stones, but in general you can do without them, as will be shown later. Go The characters we have brought to the spot will not rush to the attack - we are not yet in those bright future chronicles. First you need to teach them a little. We will do this with the help of cyclical macros, which our characters will repeat without a break, hour by hour, without having the opportunity to interrupt them. We start this time with a tank. The task of the tank is to aggro mobs and collect them in one pile, while surviving, and it can do it in two ways: "Safe". It includes standing on the spot with the provocation aura turned on and casting the chain- mob skill with a chain spike with dark spikes, which, although a massive skill, but being targeted, will not lead to a tank rasklagu if there are flagged characters next to it. "Dangerous". In addition to the above skills, as well as the casting of mass bestarget skills, there is a great aura of aggression and mobs of skill, spikes of revenge , with which you can deflate standing next to the flagged characters. This method is more risky, but it increases the efficiency of the farm by increasing the kill rate of the mobs. Heel does not allow our tank to drop skates from the mass attack of heaps of mobs that are found in the factory. Thanks to the chain heal and almost endless mana, it is very easy to do this. There is a funny paradox here, consisting in the fact that if you lick a chain with a tank, the heal may not get into the healer with a chain, so we only heal ourselves, the heal gets into the chain, and balance helps us in this matter. The task of the spoiler is not only to dig in the mobs, but also to collect from the floor what remains of them, because of all the party, only he is allowed to move around the room. Since the room restricts it and does not allow to run out beyond its limits, then you can do with a simple “/ targetnext” to select a target, and use the AL for faster movement . The spoiler does an excellent job with its tasks using the following macro: The PPC, which we cheated on, is not discouraged and quite cleverly copes with the buff of the entire party, fitting into a macro of 12 lines. Of course, if you learn the trio sonata for 101 skills, you can still increase the efficiency of the farm, and if you have done ISA to 103 and taught her the skill of the ensemble's poem, then she will begin to distribute harmony right and left, allowing the spoil to spoil the mobs more often. An example of macros for 1) was studied only by 2) the “sonata of the trio” was studied 3) the skills of the “sonata of the trio” + “ensemble poem” were studied: All DDs have long since switched to macros from a mouse, which makes it possible to destroy mobs much more efficiently. What it is and how to use it, we can find on our own, since this is not the purpose of this guide. I will not focus on this. Although it is possible to farm mobs with the help of a game macro, a relic of the past, not everyone has the opportunity to start an extra computer or it is not always possible to keep a magician a hundred percent of the time on a macro with a mouse. Therefore, I will lay out a macro that will cope with the mobs in the factory, you can use it if necessary, when there is no possibility to stand on the macro from the mouse, just do not forget to rebuff the echo of the inspiration : Go I propose to look at the summary table in which all the costs of creating and maintaining our train are collected. In this table, all costs are selected by the minimum: The table takes into account both the cost of equipment and subscriptions, the cost of pumping. In this example, the minimum costs were chosen, but the total amount can confuse many. Of course, if you already have a part of the necessary equipment or even ready-made charms, and maybe vice versa, you want to put the charms on better than what was written above, then the total amount may differ significantly upwards or downwards. But on average, starting from zero less than 50 billion to invest will not work. I repeat, the goal is to create a tool for the extraction of adena and books, which will work for us, consistently bringing profit. Do not be intimidated by the initial costs. Is it profitable to squeeze in the budget, shaking your charms yourself and spend extra days and weeks on it? Is it profitable to invest a larger amount, in the calculation to get more profit from the farm? How quickly will this investment pay off? Let's not put off and sort out all these questions. Go Go The main factor determining the profitability of our company is how many hours a day our train will farm. Obviously, the more hours a day the train farms, the faster it pays for itself and begins to work “in plus”. Everyone has different opportunities for spending time at the computer and everyone wants to decide for himself whether to take the burden of treirovodnoy or better to do other ways of earning, if your online does not allow you to benefit from this method. So that everyone can calculate for themselves whether it will be profitable for him to be engaged in this enterprise, I will give a table that shows how many adena and books can be farmed with the train I described above for a different amount of time. Keep in mind that a stronger magician in the train can increase profits by times. The measurements were made in the “green” zone of the location of the astatin factory,Farm mage with equip described above. In the last column, the amount of adena derived from mobs is calculated, as well as for the sale of dropped pieces and leased resources. The price of the fallen books is not included in the last column , which means if we sell them at the price indicated above at 0.4 million aden per apiece, we will receive 160 million aden per hour . In this case, do not forget that the magician is dressed very poorly and you can repeatedly disperse the farm, if you develop a stronger mage and get runes of high quality mafra. Receive up to 200-300 million . Aden per hour (books + rest) with a good magician is a reality. How quickly the train "pays for itself" depends on the mage's boost, your online and the risk of leaving it unattended, which I would not recommend doing for a long time. For example, putting the train for 16 hours a day, for the first 3 weeks it will bring you about 50 billion adena, which more than pays for all the costs. All subsequent time, the only costs will be a subscription and a set of runes for 1 character, which pays off in a matter of days. Consequently, after 3-4 weeks the train will bring a stable profit, and your task will only sit and watch how he earns you adena and a huge number of books. The comments indicate that the price of books is gradually falling. You shouldn't be afraid of lowering the price of books either, because for them we got involved in this business in order to teach new skills. If the books become cheaper, then we will be able to purchase more of them for the money earned by adena, because that is exactly what we will do right after our train pays off! If your goal is not forgotten skills, and farm other types of boost for the main character, you shouldn’t be discouraged, because even with a strong price reduction for books, say up to 0.2 million per piece, our train will bring stable 120 million adenes per hour . in an hour ! Go Go Books fall on each spell separately, that is, the more windows in the party, the more books you feed. Use this to fill the party with additional useful windows and increase farm efficiency. You can, for example, use two buffers at once - PP and SVS, as well as the second magician. The stronger your magician, the more you farm. Having tested the same spot with a stronger magician, the pharma indicators increased almost 2 times. Buy a “set of high quality runes” at the spoilers, leaving him with a high quality mafra rune, and transfer the rune of Eva to the magician. So with one set you will kill two birds with one stone - double spoil and rune of kickbacks for the magician. As long as your train farm, you can earn extra Adena. A great way was first described in detail. It is likely that only with the help of skills of a forgotten power, players will conquer new locations and their king, the fish dragon! Teach them soon!
  5. https://youtu.be/nnkBhiQtzWk
  6. PK = game mechanic or bug?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BfWjRfkweM&feature=youtu.be https://4gameforum.com/threads/737915/
  7. Info about feoh

  8. Survey - Live Event

    killed with healer killed with tank killed with iss killed with evi,mage,titan
  9. not only RU servers, EU aswell (nice to know future)--->> bla bla bla EU team post https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/658257/ Dear L2 EU Community! Last week our team gathered to plan out the rest of the year. We hope this covers most of your requests and needs. As usual, this plan doesn't include forum activities or L2 Store promotions. August: Orfen Update Heroes Welcome promotion for returning players X2 rates Attendance Event September: End of Attendance event Some farm event (we're waiting for the options from NCSoft, maybe there's some new event we don't know of) October: Red Libra Halloween spirit event (appearance) November: Still Red Libra December: Birthday event Christmas event
  10. Info about feoh

  11. Info about feoh

    COPY/PASTE Feoh Archmage guide Why Archmage? Do you want to play in a party and level very efficiently at AoE spots? Do you want to pvp in every form (1v1, Group vs Group, Clan vs Clan)? Then do not choose Archmage, choose Storm Screamer. On the other hand, Archmage can be a good option if you own a Valakas mage weapon or want to play mainly olympiad. Regardless of your choice, the following guide will cover what you want to know as a Feoh since there are lots of similarities between the different classes. Creating a character There are two options for creating a mage: 1) You can create a Dark Elven Wizard and make 85 with Balthus. The strength of dark elf mage is it has the highest INT which is your most important stat. Dark elf mage has the highest burst potential (damage over a short period of time). 2) Creating a Kamael Mage without Balthus will allow you to keep Expert Casting - Soul Breaker (the description is wrong, magic cooldown is reduced by 20%) and Abyssal Power - Soul Breaker for the cost of not learning (be very careful with it) Superior Weapon Mastery - Feoh Soulhound. The result will be higher dps, higher enough to be worth taking this route. Your casting speed will be lower specially in the beginning when you miss Stat (WIT) bonus items/skills but do not worry too much about it. As you stack up you will gain enough casting speed and for olympiad you will have several options to fine-tune your casting speed such as: SA, Hat, Bracelet, Sub/Dual class skills, APs. Additionally for solo leveling you should create an Orc Mystic without Balthus, make it a Dominator and do not learn Drum Melody - Iss Dominator keep Victories of Pa'agrio. After awakening you should change to Iss Sword Muse or Iss Hierophant. Leveling up If you make a Kamael you will have to refuse the Balthus quest and level manually 1-85 (follow the quests and stay on the quest locations or kill raids untill you reach the next quest - or use fortune pockets). 85-99 Leveling in a party Instances: Kartia's Labyrinth (85+) Baylor (97+) AoE locations: Fairy Settlement (~85~92) Isle of Souls (~91~96) Orbis Temple (~93~98) Guillotine Fortress (~95~98) Land of Chaos (~97~101) Leveling solo Mage is the best class for leveling solo, utilize your jumps, air rider and debuffs to keep distance. You can level very quickly just by doing Kartia's Labyrinth Party (entering requires a party consisting of at least 2 characters though). If it is not enough you should visit some of the party locations and train mobs there, mainly Fairy Settlement (~85~92) Isle of Souls (~91~96) Land of Chaos (~97~101) One by one xp: The Cemetery (~96~99) Phantasmal Ridge (~99~102) 99-105 Leveling in a party Instances: Infinite Depths (99+) Command Post (100+) Altar of Shilen (101+) AoE locations: Atelia Fortress (~99~105) Superion Fortress (~100~105) Shadow of the Mother Tree (~102+) Leveling solo Instances: Infinite Depths (99+) (2+ characters for entering) Command Post (100+) (5+ characters for entering) AoE locations: Atelia Fortress (~99~105) Superion Fortress (~101~105) Equipment Set Ultimate Eternal Tunic Magic Type / Transcendent Eternal Tunic Magic Type Weapon Up to +16 overenchantment: Dark Helios Retributer From +17 overenchantment: Dark Helios Buster or Dark Helios Caster and Eternal Sigil Note: You may want to choose buster/caster + sigil for more physical defense. Caster has higher, Buster has lower damage variation. This means you must choose whether you want higher damage potential or more stable damage. For PvE use Bloody Helios weapon Special Abilities Mystic Soul or HP+Mystic Sigel Augment +15% M. Skill Critical Damage Attribute Fire Belt Ruler's Authority / Chief Monkey Belt (Event) Hat INT + M.Atk Earrings Blessed Antharas' Earring Lindvior's Earring Replacements: Protector's Guardian Earring, Special Resistance Earring - Mental Attack (available only from players), Istina's Earring (normal/wizard/warrior), Enhanced Octavis' Earring (Warrior), Enhanced Octavis' Earring (Wizard), Orfen's Soul Earring Necklace Blessed Valakas' Necklace Replacements: Valakas's Necklace, Istina's Necklace, Frintezza's Soul Necklace Rings Ring of Creation Ring of the Truth-Seeker Replacements: Baium's Soul Ring, Queen Ant's Soul Ring, Enhanced Istina's Ring (Wizard), Ring of the Truth Note: Ring of the Truth-Seeker and Ring of the Truth do not stack. Shirts (L2Store) Shiny Elemental Shirt + 10 Magical Reflect Shirt +10 for Olympiad/Ceremony of Chaos Pa'agrio's Shirt + 10 Eva's Shirt +10 Physical Reflect Shirt +10 Agathions (Event) Bracelet: Evolved Taurus Lv1-5 for utility: Agathion - Gemini#Game Shop Lv++, Agathion - Sagittarius#Game Shop Lv++ Charms (Stage 1 is sufficient): Agathion Charm - Anakim Holly Barrier (L2Store) Capricorn Agathion Charm Overenchanted (M. Crit. Dmg) Aquarius Agathion Charm Overenchanted (M. Atk.) for utility: Virgo Charm lv12, Aries Charm lv12, Leo Charm Lv++ The charm macros consist of 3 lines: 1) equipping the utlity charm 2) using the skill 3) equipping the primary charm Bracelet Dimensional Bracelet - Stage 6 INT Overenhanced Replacement: Advanced Aria's Bracelet#INT Talismans Talisman - Insanity Talisman - Seven Signs Talisman - Abundance Lv. 4 (High-grade) (L2Store) Sayha Talisman (L2Store) Venir's Talisman#Lvl 12 (Can upgrade to 15-16, next step is 20 afterwards) (L2Store) Talisman- Wind Pack#M. Skill Critical Damage Cloak (in order of power level) Cloak of Cold Darkness Nevit's Cloak of Light (L2Store) Cloak of Darkness Exalted Cloak Soltkreig Cloak Brooch La Vie En Rose's Magnificent Brooch#Rare (L2Store) Augment Obsidian or Amethyst/Blue Cat's eye Lv3 (L2Store) Jewels Sapphire, Obsidian, Amethyst, Blue Cat's Eye, Opal and Cat's Eye or Garnet or Diamond or Pearl or Emerald#Lvl 1 or Greater Aquamarine (L2Store) Dyes 3x Lv. 5 Legendary INT Dye (Charisma) replacement: INT+5 and any (or no) second effect 4th slot (L2Store) Normal Olympiad Wondrous Orc Dye Wondrous Kamael Dye Revelation Skills Disparition Unbind Sub class skills Sub - P. Atk./M. Atk. Increase Lv4 Sub - P. Def./M. Def. Increase Lv4 Sub - P. Accuracy/ M. Accuracy Increase Lv4 As Kamael mage (and for olympiad in general) you might want to learn Sub - Atk. Spd./Casting Spd. Increase Lv4. Why not to learn Sub - Critical Rate Increase? Maximum critical rate is around 1 in 3 which does not require more than 300 m. critical rate. Dual class skills Normal: Dual - P. Atk./M. Atk. Increase Lv2 and Dual - Specialized for M. Atk. For olympiad you can choose between various setups. The most standard one is Dual - Physical Trait Increase and Dual - Mental Trait Increase. However if you are lacking casting speed you should choose as much casting speed as you need since having capped casting speed is very important for olympiad. If you are losing even when you have the control over your games and are not getting much debuffed you should try increasing your mana from dual class skills. Ability points Normal Olympiad Skill enchant (normal/olympiad specific) Volcanic Destruction - Feoh Archmage Power Elemental Burst - Feoh Archmage Power Chain Blaze - Feoh Archmage Power Arcane Comet Strike - Feoh Archmage Power Quadruple Elemental Blast - Feoh Archmage Power/Chance Elemental Storm - Feoh Archmage Power Elemental Crash - Feoh Archmage Power Elemental Spike - Feoh Archmage Power Ruin - Feoh Archmage Chance/Slow Mass Ruin - Feoh Archmage Chance Meteor - Feoh Archmage Power Magical Charge - Feoh Archmage Chance Magical Evasion - Feoh Archmage Chance Death Howl - Feoh Archmage Chance Crystal Form - Feoh Archmage Recharge Air Rider - Feoh Archmage Empower/Time Burst Casting - Feoh Archmage Shield/Magic Shield Ignore Divinity - Feoh Archmage Chance Ultimate Body To Mind - Feoh Archmage Power Hell Binding - Feoh Archmage Chance Mass Hell Binding - Feoh Archmage Chance Death Breath - Feoh Archmage Slow Death Fear - Feoh Archmage Chance Mass Death Fear - Feoh Archmage Chance Empowering Echo - Feoh Archmage Acumen Death Lord - Feoh Archmage Power PvP/PvE Mage is a ranged AoE class. Your role is to Mass Ruin/Ruin, Shadow Snare - Feoh Archmage and nuke, as an Archmage you do not have access to as much crowd control as a Storm Screamer. Snare is a skill which you normally have to position each time it is cast, however you can create a macro with one line in it: /useskill Shadow Snare; it will automatically put the snare on the same spot. Volcanic Destruction and Arcane Comet Strike are not exactly AoE, they require flat ground and the ground level of your, and not your target's, position will count when evaluating what they hit. Volcanic destruction actives Elemental Burst and the combination of the two is your greatest power, alongside Arcane Comet Strike and Quadruple Elemental Blast. Arcane Comet Strike should be used mainly on Burst Casting because of its high mana cost. Burst Casting triggers every 5 seconds a higher level m. atk boost buff (Mana Burst). The fourth level of Mana Burst lasts 15 seconds and makes you able to cast Quadruple Elemental Blast. Chain blaze is your weakest skill but is decent enough to fit in time to time. Elemental Final Storm is mostly useless. Elemental Spike (reduces your targets attribute defense) and Crash can be used instead of chain blaze in case you are facing a solo target but are practicly useless as well. Activate these toggles at all time: Fire Stance - Feoh Archmage, Essence of Mana - Feoh Archmage, Feoh Aura - Feoh Wizard, Dual Class HP. In PvP use Embody Mana Armor - Feoh Archmage as much as possible. Switch from Fire Stance to any other and back to it in order to increase your damage by up to ~10% (+100 attack attribute) for 5 seconds. Olympiad Terms Win condition: this includes all of your decisions. Your ultimate goal is to kill your opponent or do more damage by the end of the match. Interrupting your opponent's game plan is just as important as developing your own. Tracking your opponents protections is paramount. It is important to be creative and come up with different strategies time to time to surprise your opponent. In some cases you need to think about altering your win condition during a match. Tempo: the advantage of initiative. Protection: a protective buff, these are things like shirt celestal, shirt disparition, disparition, unbind, cats eye, Crystal Form, Flash, Shadow Evasion - Othell Ghost Hunter, etc. These effects give you immunity to damage and/or debuffs. They act similarly to chess pieces. Use them to keep your opponent away from checkmate but if you lose them faster than your opponent you are more likely to lose. Some of these pieces can revive (Crystal Form, Flash, Shadow Evasion - Othell Ghost Hunter, etc). Abuse them, as they can force your opponent to trade a more expensive chess piece for them. Disparition is generally the strongest protection, do not give it up too easily. The second strongest category is celestials and the third is debuff immunity. Disable: A debuff attack which blocks your target from certain actions. Use your protections against them. Disables are generally inexpensive therefore the strongest tools in olympiad as they help you to maintain or regain tempo, or further your win condition of winning on time. Cooldown: a long reuse skill giving a strong temporary boost such as Burst Casting, Brooch Buff, Ultimate defenses etc. Preparation Change your dual class and ability points. Talismans Talisman - Insanity Talisman - Seven Signs Sayha Talisman One slot for Battle talismans Talisman - Battle: Attack (3-day) Talisman - Battle: Speed (3-day) - use it to reduce the reuse time of your cooldowns and protections. Note: not all of the cooldowns and protections are affected by it. Talisman - Battle: Support (3-day) - use it to remove your opponents protections or reveal them from hide. Note: it doesn't affect every protection (such as unbind, disparition, Shadow Evasion - Othell Ghost Hunter). Mainly removes celestial, debuff immunity, hide and talisman effects. Create a macro of two lines for each battle talisman: equip and use the skill of the talisman. Pressing this macro twice will cast its skill and unequip the talisman therefore it is not needed to put in the macro the enequipment and makes the macro usage more reliable. Two slots for wind/stat talismans Talisman- Wind Pack#Defense Talisman- Wind Pack#Debuff Defense Start the match with wind talismans and switch to Venir's Talisman#Lvl 12 and Talisman- Wind Pack#M. Skill Critical Damage after using the skills. Note: if you need to get rid of one talisman switch Talisman- Wind Pack#Defense (against Yul Trickster Talisman- Wind Pack#Debuff Defense). The reason can be for example having only 5 slot bracelet or you are a kamael mage and need to put Premium Account Talisman - WIT to fix your casting speed. Brooch Sapphire, Obsidian, Amethyst, Cat's Eye, Garnet and Diamond or Pearl. Amethyst is mostly used when you are on Brooch Buff and your target uses Giant's Celestial. It is a very strong effect though and players might alter their win condition warped around it. Jewelry There are three required sets of jewels: damage (Blessed Antharas' Earring, Lindvior's Earring, Blessed Valakas' Necklace, Baium's Soul Ring, Ring of Creation), mental (Blessed Antharas' Earring, Special Resistance Earring - Mental Attack, Lilith' Soul Necklace, Baium's Soul Ring, Beleth's Ring) stun (Blessed Antharas' Earring, Special Resistance Earring - Stun, Frintezza's Soul Necklace, Baium's Soul Ring, Queen Ant's Soul Ring). Create macros to switch between them. Switch only as many of them that you can handle. Equip damage jewels in general and stun jewels against Yuls and Othells. Use stun jewels in conjunction with Water Stance and mental jewels for fearing. Mental buff weapon and buffing You need a mental shield special ability weapon. As soon as you enter the arena take Wizard Buff and buff mental shield. If you switch to your main weapon within few seconds your HP/CP/MP will be recovered. Against summoners and mages put on spare buffs to protect your important buffs from being canceled. Augmented Weapons Use R or higher grade weapons for augmentation and put Soul/Acumen Soul SA's on them. Mental Attack Succes rate: equip mental jewels and mental attack weapon for landing Death Fear - Feoh Archmage and Mass Death Fear - Feoh Archmage. Preferably stack up the Ignite level (with destruction, burst and crash) beforehand. You can land death breath during fear without breaking it. Giant augments: Giant's Celestial: Generally you want to protect yourself from the enemy's Brooch Buff. You can also use it against other cooldowns. In some situations you can use it as a tool to regain tempo. Giant's Sleep: Helps you regain tempo very efficiently. Giant's Silence: A strong disable. Note: some active skills are not blocked by it such as shirt skills and Giant's Silence itself. Insane Kelbim Enables lethal options trough celestials and Embody Mana Armor - Feoh Archmage. Some strategies are based on this item. Kiting Movement is one of the most important part of olympiad and your win condition. It can save you from using protections, can defend you from disables and the effect of cooldowns and it can help you regain tempo. Position yourself behind obstacles and kite around them if neccessary. Magical Charge - Feoh Archmage and Magical Evasion - Feoh Archmage are very strong tools, learn to use them. You should generally use them shortly before your protection is over so that you do not need to spend another protection immediately. Match ups Time is mainly on your side. However, other Feoh Archmages, Iss Doomcryers, Wynn Summoners can burn your HP and then finish you with Insane Kelbim. In some cases Sayha Seers and Othell Rogues might try to win you being permanently on hide casting only Insane Kelbim skill to win on damage. Use your jumps to reveal them from hide and ruin their win condition. Other than that you can always win on time so do not expose yourself unneccessarily. Feoh Wizard Even though the different classes of Feohs do different things your gameplan is the same against all of them. Burn their HP/CP using Insane Kelbim (it can kill trough Embody Mana Armor - Feoh Archmage) or win on time. When your opponents' protections are over you should use Elemental Burst - Feoh Archmage with Water Stance - Feoh Archmage and stun jewelry in order to disable them. Feoh vs Feoh can be a very tempo based match up as Feoh has disable with strong damage attached to it. The burn strategy is generally stronger but you have to be careful at all times not to get outtempoed. Yul Archer Yuls will use all their protections to maintain tempo as it is their only win condition against you. Use it against them and do not try to fight too much for tempo yourself. Othell Rogue Othell Rogue is a very strong disable class and you will be very desperate and have a hard time to overcome their bluffs and stuns since you have only so many protections. You will need to use every opportunity to damage them. Othells will use fake death to trade for your protections, punish them with jumps, death howl and meteor for it. They will very easily regain tempo with hide, but you can force them to use it in a bad position and get them out right after they did it. They might take the gamble and try to win you with Insane Kelbim and/or Bleed, it is a gamble though, since they can normally not maintain hide for the full duration of the match. Iss Enchanter Iss Doomcryer You can try to kill them with some attack boost buffs and interrupting their heals with Arcane Comet Strike and jumps. You can win some time with good timing on fears and other debuffs. Do not force yourself into a very one dimensional strategy of only attacking them, defend yourself as much as possible and you can win on time which is often times a more successful strategy as killing them can be impossible if they do not fail or you do not get lucky. Other Iss Enchanters Against other Iss classes do not even try to kill them if you are not 100% sure you can. You do not need to take the gamble against them as you need to against Iss Doomcryer as they have no way of winning you if you do not kill yourself by burning your mana with senseless trials of killing them. Against Iss's full hold protection jewelry is needed. Wynn Summoner This is the opposite of Yul vs Feoh. In this match up you are the one forced to maintain tempo untill they are dead else they will kill you. Aeore Healer, Sigel Knight Same as non Doomcryer Iss's. Do not kill yourself, they cannot kill you. Win as much time as you can. Tyrr Warrior Kite their Berserker/Guts, then burn them to the ground. Eviscerator It is similar to dagger but instead of hide they have steel mind/spallation. Having to survive the first steel mind can only be avoided with a lucky cancel, otherwise you will need proper kiting and spend some protection to trade for it. You will have to evaluate whether you can survive their next two steel minds. If the answer is no then spend all your protection to chase them down and kill them. Generally you can outlast them though. Against Tyrrs and Eviscerators stun jewels mixed with Lindvior and Trasken can be neccessary. Sayha Seer Very similar to Othell. Their Insane Kelbim strategy is more consistent than Othell's since their hide can be maintained for the full duration of the match. Use your jumps to reveal them while evaluating where is the biggest geometrical chance of hitting them. They sometimes pop up between hides on the screen even though you still cannot target them. Last edited: May 23, 2018
  12. Quest: Against the New Enemy [exalted pt.3]

    1.switch dual to dd 2.lv up iss dumb-ass
  13. Epic Raids(Orfen/queen ants)

    preview pages : http://lineage2.plaync.com/update/h...en_163x163_20171122&source=logger_kw&_C_=2821 Patch notes : http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/update/view?articleId=632272 With google translate https://translate.google.com/transl...date/view?articleId=632272&edit-text=&act=url