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  1. Hi, im a old player from Teon, from c3 to God i always play on ncwest and i know how this game run. There is we have many problem: 1) LAG -> still cant play with some lag and mass d/c, its a official server so fix it 2) MAGE -> This server its only for mage player, not see around gladiator, dagger etc, not a good balance in pvp and in pve ( mage with good equip farm like 5X-10X than a fighter ). Fighter area totally suks like Varka ( try to kill a family with a grade equip, died in like 1 min 3) EQUIP -> Not a real economy for make equip, only from drop, cant craft. 4) ECONOMY -> how ppl make equip if spend like 5/10kk x days and take from mobs like 2-3kk? 5) ENCHANT -> many ppl go with equip +++, like a 5000X server, you think new ppl come here, and spend when other ppl have +10 equip, rb etc? 6) PARTY EXP/DROP- > totally broken, on teon and naia you need a good party for make good exp or farm, here need max 2 ppl cause low exp and drop 7) PVP-> Totally dead, only on siege, and only 2-3 clan, on old teon you have pvp for spot, here cant, this server its only a PVE server, not a interesting activity...full of broken I know, you try to make this server better, but you need to change some thing, or this server in 1 year go down cause no ppl
  2. For be playable and friendly with new ppl and with high lvl i think we need this change: 1) attendance event -> make it forever, a part of game, give a good boost exp, item ss etc 2) totally fix area like varka/ketra/gc/fi 5/6X mobs/imperial tomb 3) increase drop rate adena for a 50-100% after level 75 cause we cant kill 80+ mobs 5/6X and take 800 adena 4) increase 2000 soul ore and 50 ticket ss from adena shop ( free under lvl 40 ) 5) create some instance like kamaloka or similar where ppl can do it solo or in party with good item drop ( cloth, tablet, evo stone, eaa, eas etc )
  3. w/o a boost, adena drop its totally broken
  4. Some Info's About Classic Server

    Play on Giran, its a gmt +1 server so with eu ppl Ps Ciao, per il vip c'è proprio l'apposito bottone in barra
  5. Some Info's About Classic Server

    Hi an welcome Have sense start now on Classic Server ? Which (Talking Island or Giran) from NcSoft , (Blue or Red) from 4Game ? Play giran or ti, 4game server suks, blue or red its essence, totally broken - Is so difficult play without a CP ? no can play w/o cp - There is new player start everyday or is just old comunity ? alot of new player - How purchase work ? I can spent like 100/150 euro every month, there is Premium Account or something ? vip system check it - I need Spoiler and Crafter for sure ? no - DualBoxx is permitted ? yeah - Cap LvL ? i think 90 - How mage work ? Exist mana potion ? need support like ee or se - Which mage is better for PvP ? mage and summuner are op - How about Spellhowler ? Is good on PvP? i think yeah but wait other ppl about it - Max Grade for Gear ? s grade I hope it all for you
  6. Its totally correct, im low level and its ok, image lvl 1 with this. Good thing make it over lvl 80 ^^
  7. Its a really good gift, thanks
  8. Hi i need a info about next week event: all ppl over lvl 80 have a talismans of baium for 16 l2coin? Its correct? Thanks
  9. Do you have a ETA for fix drop/exp? today? tomorrow? when? Thanks
  10. Thanks admin for listen the players with this new update, why you not make Attendance System forever in this game? Make it a part of this game, its a little help for all
  11. What Happend??

    For me its a good server, with a good comunity, if you like old l2, this is the only one So yeah a good game to invest
  12. Massive disconnects!

    any news about it? many ppl got mass d/c and lag
  13. essence suks, isnt l2
  14. Massive disconnects!

    Many disconect and lag