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  1. Hi, im a old player from Teon, from c3 to God i always play on ncwest and i know how this game run. There is we have many problem: 1) LAG -> still cant play with some lag and mass d/c, its a official server so fix it 2) MAGE -> This server its only for mage player, not see around gladiator, dagger etc, not a good balance in pvp and in pve ( mage with good equip farm like 5X-10X than a fighter ). Fighter area totally suks like Varka ( try to kill a family with a grade equip, died in like 1 min 3) EQUIP -> Not a real economy for make equip, only from drop, cant craft
  2. For be playable and friendly with new ppl and with high lvl i think we need this change: 1) attendance event -> make it forever, a part of game, give a good boost exp, item ss etc 2) totally fix area like varka/ketra/gc/fi 5/6X mobs/imperial tomb 3) increase drop rate adena for a 50-100% after level 75 cause we cant kill 80+ mobs 5/6X and take 800 adena 4) increase 2000 soul ore and 50 ticket ss from adena shop ( free under lvl 40 ) 5) create some instance like kamaloka or similar where ppl can do it solo or in party with good item drop ( cloth, tablet, evo stone, e
  3. Play on Giran, its a gmt +1 server so with eu ppl Ps Ciao, per il vip c'è proprio l'apposito bottone in barra
  4. Hi an welcome Have sense start now on Classic Server ? Which (Talking Island or Giran) from NcSoft , (Blue or Red) from 4Game ? Play giran or ti, 4game server suks, blue or red its essence, totally broken - Is so difficult play without a CP ? no can play w/o cp - There is new player start everyday or is just old comunity ? alot of new player - How purchase work ? I can spent like 100/150 euro every month, there is Premium Account or something ? vip system check it - I need Spoiler and Crafter for sure ? no - DualBoxx is permitted ?
  5. Its totally correct, im low level and its ok, image lvl 1 with this. Good thing make it over lvl 80 ^^
  6. Hi i need a info about next week event: all ppl over lvl 80 have a talismans of baium for 16 l2coin? Its correct? Thanks
  7. Do you have a ETA for fix drop/exp? today? tomorrow? when? Thanks
  8. Thanks admin for listen the players with this new update, why you not make Attendance System forever in this game? Make it a part of this game, its a little help for all
  9. For me its a good server, with a good comunity, if you like old l2, this is the only one So yeah a good game to invest
  10. any news about it? many ppl got mass d/c and lag
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