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  1. I got r110 gear from boxes. I want it back.
  2. Guess its easier to do that than ban all bots.
  3. As a free to play, yes. With certain class u can solo with an iss maybe. But very slow.
  4. Free to play: Delete that character. You won't get party anywhere. Its a single target wizard. Now is all about AOE. If you like wizards, pick a feoh. From 99 to eternity you'll need to farm in partys (use Party Matching option to find). Blazing Swamp (BS) is better than War-Torn. First two exalted quest in BS, to get the exalted equipment very quick. Then you decide. In lvl 85 you get the 7 days vitality maintenance feather, you need to get the most benefit of it. Do Abandoned Coal Mines every day (special hunting zone), in party of course. Pay to win: No need to ch
  5. In olympiad, when time out occurs the one who most damage dealt is the winner. Against tanks that don't happen. SCREENSHOTS If this is something intended, work on the UI/UX so is more comprehensive
  6. poxy

    Balok drop

    The raid boss always dropped 4 items, maybe more. Now is dropping 3. Only 3 every time.
  7. I was wondering if there will be an event like the ones before.
  8. what time zone is 20 hrs server time? so i can calculate in my country
  9. That's not true. The drop is not enough even to buy shots. You must have other incomes to sustain your character. (we play it as a f2p)
  10. It was the only good thing I got from the event. The soulshots/spiritshots can't be traded and then I get this nice talimsan that says only one day. Why? WHY NCSOFT WHY!
  11. We are a party of six friends playing this game. All lvl 107 with exalted gear of course. Hunting Zones> Pretty much the same for us. FoS is a bit crowded now. A lot of high end player farming 12 mobs spots alone. Its not fair for us, we are a full party and sometimes can't find spot. Raid Bosses> We tried to do baylor and we couldn't even with dragon weapons. So we can't tell. Augment System> Our gear can't be augmented. Item Changes> Items? What's that? Skill Changes> The ones who need it, can't buy a sigil. Other Changes> The auto came
  12. "When equipped, P. Def. +1126, M. Def. +736, XP/SP Gain +10%. If equipped with Venir's Talisman Lv. 12 or above, Skill Power +3%, Skill Cooldown -3%. Active Skills Sayha's Protection Lv. 1 Sayha's Encouragement Lv. 1. Only the effect of the max level Talisman is applied when 2 or more of the same are equipped." It doesn't say that.
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