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  1. So rather than fixing or improving anything on the live or classic servers, you decide to create a new version of the game? Another P2W I presume...?
  2. I agree, we need S grade quivers. Being an archer in classic is already difficult enough, I'm not sure why we are denied such an important piece of equipment.
  3. I agree MORE TRANSPARENCY with rates, ESPECIALLY on p2w boxes Additionally, I would like to add that every time I send a support ticket asking for MORE TRANSPARENCY the NC SUPPORT responds with "PLEASE MAKE A FORUM POST" So let's find out how much integrity this company actually has.. SO here you are @Juji
  4. All the whales have already botted their way to level 90. So i'm guessing the developers have little interest in extending or making it permanent.
  5. I agree, the event should be extended by at least a week to make up for interruptions. -Talisman of Baium when reaching level 80 should be extended by 1 week. (There seems to be a good amount of new or returning players that came back for event, and they all seem to be at 79 right now, sucks if they miss reward at 80 by a couple days) -Baium Tower Event should remain at least another week. (This is a really fun event, i just want it to continue for a bit longer please. It for sure could use a bit of refinement with lag issues and 'close melee' classes being a
  6. I guarantee they fix this problem ASAP. $$$$ Meanwhile, the other issues...
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