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    I am also intrested in an answer! Lets keep this thread up.
  2. OMG !!!! There is no more ....

    +1 like ShopOfSteel
  3. OMG !!!! There is no more ....

    You show again that you know nothing and your flames have a beard from earth to mars. Just boring.....
  4. OMG !!!! There is no more ....

    Maybe ppl grown up? but topic tells me not everyone....
  5. [News] Golden Compass Event

    4+1= 5 Its not so hard
  6. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, September 5, 2018

    fix that ss/bsps issue please. Yesterday with a full pt everyone had same problem at the same time. People invest real $ in boosts and then we can`t use ss/bpsp. That is not acceptable!
  7. Fallen Angel's Ring

    yes, i made one to +8 but i had more then 5 ring
  8. eXEQTOR banned (no troll!) ...

    100% clickbaiting
  9. Lineage II - Security Update Applications to test

    MSI Afterburner Aquasuite Mozilla Thunderbird Geforce Experience Razer Synapse Daemon Tools Roccat Swarm Asus Aura Sync Team Speak
  10. WTS Power LvL 100+

    price is for 1h, your lvl is not relevant. Why should we makle different prices for different lvl? That doesnt make sense. Regarding your other question i will try to explain it once again. You can buy power lvl for 1b or 1,5b per hour where you get 1/3 of the xp we do. So to get the same ammount of xp you will have to buy 3hours (3b- 4,5b) and boosts for 3h instead of 1h. So with the cheaper power lvl service you will end up with double or more costs in total. We already had some customers who bought both services (our and other cheaper guys) and nobody wants to go again with the cheaper guys.
  11. Dimensional Warp

    Seems that nobody cares about this....Am i suprised? no im not. Just another sad story of not taking care and ignoring players.
  12. the Failure of Max

    Warning: Take care that you don´t follow him when you stalk his shop.
  13. The +17 glow with black applies only on R, R95 and R99 weapons. Delete the draconic Bow appearance and you will have what you want.
  14. Red Libra

    permanent red libra instead of event please