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  1. @Jujithe attendance reward stay the current 1 or will change it back to old 1? i'm on last day and want the bloody rune, instead of this box, you guys put rune back?
  2. @Juji how about the Balok change? was no mentioned on patch note, so its same like No Vit=No Adena? and will fix this as well? or balok stay like this? 14 member pt and not go back to 7?
  3. 1. i just react 1 post in here 2. ask the first post not me 3. you guys read only last post only? lol
  4. if you connect more pc or laptop in same router still only 3 account will be active.because all share 1 ip address.
  5. Ip Limit You guys forget something :D, there is some player who using nordvpn :smile: but they not same player that can be, they also will cry here.
  6. here https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17703-are-they-changing-balok/
  7. @Juji why not surprise for you keep the balok change to be secret, hm you will post the answer in the last 5 min before maintenance right? and not even post it. you was read my post, i know you read it. ANSWER!
  8. @Juji why not answer my question? so its true? need 14 member to enter on balok? then why not add it to patch note? come on post all change!
  9. dont see info about balok instance change to 14 member to enter, can you tell me? still 7 member need to enter or need 14?
  10. Finaly Some1 read my private message, Thx @Juji If you want i can send my idea to you as well, or plz ask @Hime to read my private message, if that enough for you. 1 more thing @Juji You was did this new character creation disable before, and wasnt worked at all. what the point, my idea its much better after hime read it and talk about it with you
  11. was pm hime for the best suggestion, to find out where is the lag, but he to busy to read my message, even pm all mod to ask hime to read my private message still nothing, and no not post the idea here just no, @Hime READ MY PRIVATE MESSAGE
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