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  1. wts...

    bless apoc buster +12 fe 7/7 (m.tatck,m.ctl.dmg)soul baium ring +5,ench neck instina,ench istina ring/bless zakken x2(+4),soul orfen earrings x3/creation rings x2/mats pack 4-5lv/ mail in game offer eubank ty
  2. official answer please...

    I am not new I play in l2 from 2004 but...before years ... to be real with you sir's and lady's I use programs all time but before a lot years one day all chars and all account's ban...is ok I don't cry for this I wake those years I press start and I don't do anything actually but now I think we have 2018....isn't difficult to fix a shield for this programs...my work is to fix programs and made new programs for pc...is ok but but...be serious all know to use this programs years now! and is easy to take and keep it secret from anyone...:) etc ok...nc soft problems have to fixed years now!he have the knowledge to do I belive 😅
  3. why this program bot work in your server?all can use but why risk items moths farm and adena and a lot years players who spent $$$$$ to nc coin to take a good gear. don't risk...and all low lvl area is full off bots...and farm billions. do auto with program the quests....tnx a lot but I don't think this is ok....you can see all this alone in game...I apologize but we spent $$$ to nc coin or spent time of real life to farm they don't do any think.just press start to program in one two months is billionaires in game..etc if you can do something is ok...sorry again and have good life to all
  4. Hunting zone for spoiler (85 - 95)

    you can go to spoil in garden from arc in magmel area is ok but is hard mobs good luck bro
  5. solo player chronos

    active/geared/all toons 100+ geared/1/3 dragon weapon items/ 2pc active/cp ldr/sub ldr/ pro active in l2 14 years/20+ b per month farm adena solo(lf active clan /no flames/team work) 2 a4 pages more account for farm 85-90 lvl chars mail me here serious offer only thx for connect me (i accept only good ple thx you )
  6. I'm sorry you're mad because you spent $$ on a weapon that is slightly devalued because of the red libre event. Don't worry the weapons will be removed and you can go back to picking on newbies wielding +4 apoc weapons..Tool_of_Society sorry my freind but we cant sell old weapon we use to our char when upgrade to better....isnt the $$$ ...now we have weapons the old weapons we use in sell no one buy......the reason this event weapons....i try to sell a +12 apoc 2 cry 7 fe at price 4b one week to this price! no one pm thx!!!!!