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  1. So now total idiots who are in this game just to spoil the fun of lower-level characters are not risking anything anymore? This is stupid. After all, that was what it was about. You kill a low-level character - you risk losing something. Now everyone will run around and kill each other pointless.
  2. I want to increase the number of items I can sell. I have been fishing Fresh Blue Mackerel for 3 days. I noticed that I have red bites and others fish with yellow baits. Do they have any better? Where to get them? Of course I use fishing shots. Second question. "I want to Exchange Fish Stew" does not work when I want to select it from the Fishing Guild Member. Why? What can I do with regular Blue Mackerel? Thank you in advance for your response.
  3. In the game (in chat box) we have a information that the end of "Oriana's Lucky Draw" is 09/16. Until when will the Oriana coins be tradable? When will Oriana disappear?
  4. How can more than 4 items be sold? I've seen some dwarves sell up to 6 items. Is there any way to expand the number of slots in the private store?
  5. Are you sure? My brother has Dark Avenger at level 48 and bought the passive skill Sword mastery level 19. He was 3% level and died. He fell to level 47 but Sword mastery was still on 19level.
  6. Hello. I would like to delevel my second char Dwarf. He is a spoiler and has 40lvl. I would like him to be level 30 again to get more material that I care about. How many levels can I go down to not lose my level 40 skills?
  7. Can only level 60 characters drop seeds of revenge? Wherever the mobs are?
  8. Last week I drop 2 amulets I sold one for 599k and gave the other to my brother for his Warcryer. 0,01-0,05 is very smal chance. You must kill more mobs and maybe you drop this amulet.
  9. Ok I send you this Metallic Thread ones again. You have 11 hours to pick it up. I send you this from my second char Edwarfo.
  10. I will be on the server tomorrow. Write to me here in the forum if you will be in the game I will send you. I have GMT +2 time.
  11. Ok. I send you from my second char. Edwarfo.
  12. Hey. Do you still want this recipe for metallic thread? I have this recipe in my second char Edwarfo. If you want i send you a paymant mail.
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