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  1. Delevel my dwarf.

    Are you sure? My brother has Dark Avenger at level 48 and bought the passive skill Sword mastery level 19. He was 3% level and died. He fell to level 47 but Sword mastery was still on 19level.
  2. Hello. I would like to delevel my second char Dwarf. He is a spoiler and has 40lvl. I would like him to be level 30 again to get more material that I care about. How many levels can I go down to not lose my level 40 skills?
  3. Ruin of agony

    What buff??
  4. Where to buy an ancient sword for my kamael?

    Giran. Central market. Private stores.
  5. Can only level 60 characters drop seeds of revenge? Wherever the mobs are?
  6. Chant of vampire

    Last week I drop 2 amulets I sold one for 599k and gave the other to my brother for his Warcryer. 0,01-0,05 is very smal chance. You must kill more mobs and maybe you drop this amulet.
  7. WTB recipe

    Ok I send you this Metallic Thread ones again. You have 11 hours to pick it up. I send you this from my second char Edwarfo.
  8. WTB recipe

    I will be on the server tomorrow. Write to me here in the forum if you will be in the game I will send you. I have GMT +2 time.
  9. WTB recipe

    Ok. I send you from my second char. Edwarfo.
  10. WTB recipe

    Hey. Do you still want this recipe for metallic thread? I have this recipe in my second char Edwarfo. If you want i send you a paymant mail.
  11. Why? BTW... I solved the problem thanks to your hints. Although no skill and no macro was active, I deleted everything from the skill bar. Then I put it back and now it's ok. Thanks.
  12. But this is not entirely the solution. I don't necessarily want to use macro just for the archer to shoot from a distance. For example, my brother wanted to set macro /useskill Elemental Heal /delay 20 or other and then you can't enable two macros at once. Anyone have any other ideas why this is happening? Is this a bug or something?
  13. No macro, no skills. Just click "Z" (auto-hunting) and he runs to the mob and just shoots. We turned everything off and it is still running
  14. I have a problem and I hope you can help me solve it. Actually, my brother has a problem but he asked me to ask in the forum. He is now an elf and is level 37 so he is a scout for now. Then he will choose Silver Ranger. The problem is that this scout while hunting does not shoot from a distance but only first runs to the mob and only begins to shoot. This happens when "auto-hunting" is enabled. When he manually marks a mob, the archer normally runs up and starts firing from a distance. But on "auto-hunting" he runs up to the mob and just starts firing. This is a weak option because it loses HP very quickly. I have Phantom Ranger at level 41 and I've never had anything like that. You have an idea what this may be because we have already tried many options. Help.
  15. I have a question. I have entered this code a long time ago, I got these rewards and I have them in dimensional merchant. Do I have to pick them up from the dimensional merchant before 6/24/2020? Can they be there for now? I ask because I have almost no place in the warehous and in the inventory of my dwarf. If I entered the code, will these prizes not be lost or do I have to collect them from the dimensional merchant? Thanks