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  1. hi im back to play like 2 or 3 moths ago, and i can say 2 o 3 things about the herald of light update and the previous update 1- adena income: adena for low lvl players(new or comeback ppl) is a joke, exalted weapons and armor are okay(jewlery are miss here), but, if you want to go farm some areas like crisis, alligator, or make castilla, you need more equipment, and to get that...you need to spend like 2 or 3kkk adena. but at 105 + lvl you reach at least 100kk, and half of that goes on SS or BSS, making then hard to get better gear to farm. 2- mobs and drop: this topic is the worst yo
  2. 90% of the ppl got a healer toon to use on bot, same shit as...i play as healer and really i start to think some day ago that i need to start another "usefull" toon instead of healer. healers are the only class that not received any change in years, no new skills(wow a 110 usless skill), or any change to improve the quality of play for this class while, tanks, tyrrs, mages and iss got new skills, balance, etc in every update
  3. and there he goes a new content with insane price...where you can get 1kkk adena when the adena drop for all(whitout rune) are near 0?
  4. well, i have a question: how i suppose to use the mentee certificates that i have on my old mentee chars when ncsoft delete the option from mentee manager? i searching like 30 min and i dont found nothing about the delete option or the use of the mentee certificates/diplomas
  5. im start to thinking about Lineage2 is taking the way of an android autoplay game(like lineage 2 revolution now) instead a pc mmorpg,
  6. you say it, in H5...when spoil and craft was funny, when you can spend the whole day farming to get better items. now you cant, spoilers get nothing from spoil. i use to have a spoiler to spoil and craft my items, but now, whats the reason for having one? L2 store(and GMs) broke the game for money. soon crafting materials and recipes will be sold in L2 store and ppl who play spoiler(if it still someone play as one) will be used as a warehouse...
  7. 30k-60k is too high than before(1000-30k), but theres no the problem, the problem is: if ppl start to play now, until 99 you get free stuff yes, but then? quests give you 500k adena, fortuna only quest give you 32kk, freya and zaken looks like dont work as juji says. add the problem with adena nerf since ertehia and the fail spoil success rate since become ftp. ppl who play alone cant afford prices of soulshot, equipment, and other stuff to make instances, or for classes who are not "in the meta" like wynn other things are: there are clan halls occupied by alt clans who dont have activity,
  8. well guys, its look like the whole update is bugged, i get disconnect too as some ppl, when you change or add a subclass, skills from previous lvl doesnt appear, no adena/items drop, and there are some gatekeepers error (like heine gatekeeper npc or system, dont have hellbound in their list...so 8000q cant be finished), or some exalted quest are bugged so badly
  9. if you compared patchnote release whit may update store, you notice what ncsoft want store has more detailed info than the patchnote here i go again, if ppl read it in time(like 2 weeks ago for ex) scamers never take advantage of missinformation, btw ppl must read forum even you dont know english, portuguese, french or spanish. and as i say, that thing never happend if hime or juji post the patchnote not the day after the maintenance, now how i suppose to use energy of dimension? now is a 15 day item(idiot change), how about zaken and freya? juji mention it, but not hime, how abou
  10. if you put the patchnote on time, that things didnt happend, its just logic janetonic, hime, juji and whatever thy have as admin or game master they have 2 weeks since fafurion update was announce
  11. nope, if you as a game master, administrator or whatever you are, if you say "next week we post the patchnote", then change this to "on 14th" and then again nothing theres a problem. we are not talking about a minor maintenance of the server, we are talking about a BIG UPDATE, BIG CHANGES and releasing the patchnote some hours after the update, you make ppl angry cause they cant prepare for the new things or some ppl who dont read the forum,, never understand for ex the new guild system or why ppl lvl 40 are wearing R grade set instead of C grade, or why exalted quest change so much when you a
  12. what about the patchnote, you say "next week(this week) you will have the full patchnote" and now you say on may 14? come on @Juji and @Hime give us the patchnote
  13. so, adjusted is refered to mobs will drop more herbs? cause is the only thing they drop, no items, no keys, no spoil regardless of level, only herbs, more herbs and 10 adena if you are lucky. at least increase the spoil chance at all lvls
  14. @Juji have you even noticed than most of the players dont have a +6 eternal set cause of the gap between f2p players an cash players? testing an instance with bloody weapons/set its like calling ppl to open the wallet and use money for make it. thats not funny...if you put a "event" instance for 100+ ppl make with normal/decent gear, or close it until your drunk dev team rework all for all and no for cash players
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