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  1. all right, they did so many things and abused so many others that they unbalanced everything, people who were always mediocre now are more equipped than rambo
  2. good night, I would like to know why the mobs reappearance time went up
  3. It's the same thing I want to know, I bought destiny pack and I feel hurt
  4. I bought destiny pack and I feel really hurt by all the problems of the game, I want to know what will happen to all of us directly injured? can you answer it?
  5. What will happen to the players who bought for example destiny pack and with all this problem were really affected?
  6. How much longer will they cry? Do you want the ncsoft team to give away the rbs? if you can not do the rb is because it does not give you the intelligence to organize or simply do not have the equipment or the number of people needed, stop giving so much importance to people who complain every 10 seconds
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