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  1. GM, since last night I’m not able to access my account. Every time I open the launcher it closes automatically and when I manage to enter email and password, simply the launcher window closes on its own. Please correct this error.
  2. The focus of this claim is only on parts 4, 5 and 6 that it does not give any relevant equipment for the player to go to a part of the country and he is not frustrated, because he is not afraid enough to kill or mob. And elect thinking, because I had to pay 500 dollars to be able to do some damage, not by game. aff.
  3. Thanks to everyone who is leaving their feedback on this quest.
  4. @degamad But that's it, from part 4, 5 and 6 only the skill and that's it. There is no other attraction to doing the quest. There is no motivation for the player to complete the 80k mob stage and even the 160k stage.
  5. Gm, I know that the exalted quest has undergone several changes and I am grateful for that, but it is not enough. The items she gives are weak enough to be able to play the game in its essence. Can't improve? It is absurd that part 4, 5 and 6 only give skills. ABSURD. Please talk to the developers to review this. Thanks.
  6. When I click to download the error game. Please Gm, heal this problem. I'm from Brazil.
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