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  1. I don't know does a company that nearly doubled their market value since changing their tactics to "free to play" with multiple Subsidiaries around the world shows lack of competence to you? besides I'm not posting here for a GM to show up and fix everything with a magic wand because that will never happen. I'm posting here to tell everyone that still care for their game that they are going to continue to ruin it more and they will exploit every bit of addiction you may have developed to get deeper into your pockets because as you are aware not everyone is Free to play and many of the nic
  2. Exactly, but with variable probabilities depending on each player behavior is not just black and white, with the amount of data companies have already the game can predict that if with your actions most likely indicate that you are about to quit, then you might get suddenly lucky or if you just want to throw a dice without a care for consequences you will get a reward accordingly to what you have spent but still not what you might have wanted since you still need a carrot to continue throwing a dice. On top of that they will create fake difficulties like balancing the mobs to be stronge
  3. I found two interesting topics on the current gacha issues that Korea is living now if you are interested you can read them here 1 and here 2, and from what I read on the topic 1 they have confirmed one practice that I feared the most from these type of games and I bet that they apply it here in lineage 2 which is : "Currently, probability-type items are 'variable probabilities' structure, so their probabilities always change depending on the user's game progress, and developers and operators often do not know the exact probabilities." So yeah, if the US doesn't fight for Gacha Laws prepa
  4. you don't need to provide me anything but you need to back up your words properly since your accusations involve something bigger than just a player cheating, you imply of NCSOFT workers being aware of a player doing RMT and not taking actions even after receiving reports, this put the company under direct violation of the LAW in the US since the game is backing a public mean of turning in game currency for real money and can be used to build up a case as there would be evidence of their direct involvement on such actions.
  5. You speak of fairy tales yet you accuse someone of breaking the TOS in the past with bans and even colluding with the Game Masters with absolutely no evidence that's like shouting aliens went and kidnaped you from your room at night to install an bleep probe. And you ask me of reading your post which I definitely did and asked for concrete evidence for a proper investigation which a lead was provided by someone else by linking a live stream video. So I'll ask again, can you at least provide the evidence for his past bans so that it can be properly reviewed? is not like your post wil
  6. Game devs will be: "lol you spent 20k in your char to achieve something? watch this patch so you need to spend another 20k so you can achieve what you did before haha lol".
  7. @Juji not to be an alarmist but yesterday CD projekt red internal systems became compromised, any chance for this happening here?
  8. Could someone explain to me with words what happened in those segments of the stream quoted and how can that be achieved by playing the game as intended?
  9. Your dissatisfaction towards a player and accusing a GM of colluding with the same player won't solve the issue at hand, also pretty sure exe is friend with some of those top spenders so they may be happy with the game. Also these matters should be solved with concrete evidence on a forum ticket for a proper investigation and if they don't hear you there, use social media, there's reddit, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc...
  10. This isn't a matter of racial discrimination, i'm talking about A korean company like nexon and A chinese company like Mihoyo being forced by LAW to show the rates of the gambling loot boxes that also require the player to buy a virtual currency in game to buy these.
  11. what is more pitiful is that a top player like exe is forced to fight for these boxes because every other means to obtain items from the game outside the economy is a waste of time, the issue here is not a few players having control of the greedy boxes, the issue is the lack of diversity to obtain resources in a way that's not a waste of time and this is all game design.
  12. A pity that a player needs to spend nearly 750 USD to show the player base how this sale event is nothing but a scam, with this sample we can conclude 1% for sayha blessing, 4% for sayha talisman 0.2% for a crystal level 11, 0.9% for a black ticket, 1.3% for a artifact box, 4% selenite, 1.7% Elcyum, 0.2% for a legendary dye, etc... so yeah, with those rates I can understand why they crippled the drop rate from regular means in game. This is why we need a public rate table for every item these gambling boxes, Nexon maplestory and mihoyo genshin impact were forced by law to this
  13. They can certify the cafe like they do in korea, maybe with this they can start a new pr campaign and bring the pc system. where there's a will there's a way, either way, not like we take any decisions here if anything our weight is 0, these are just suggestions that some even see as whine and seeing the lack of interest of players to even open the forum, maybe they are happy with what they have.
  14. you only limit the mere mortals with this, since those that abuse many toons per ip usually have ways to bypass everything, but just to annoy the abusers for a week or more i'm all inn to 1 box per ip.
  15. Maybe you found someone leveling mentees to farm/sell mentee coins for the loathly atlas earring, or someone is making cams for greedy treasure chests, Either way, atlas earring is another bad implementation in a game know to be plagued by bots specially since you can buy a pc that runs 3 clients for 100usd but i bet some use single stations and bypass the client limit, not like they care for banning anyone at this point since they choose to ignore many things.
  16. if you add every single missed opportunity over the last 4 years on top of not only the reduces prices for the pay to win options but also the quantity you obtain then probably that's how everyone got geared to the extent you see on those videos, however, here on NA not only the prices are more expensive but also you obtain less things for what you pay additionally one of the biggest factors we miss is the rewards from the game itself, because they add new zone, mechanic, or boss they add a small event related with it that increases the rewards to some extent, on the other hand, here because w
  17. This is between they added field of crisis and ant queen fixes: small comparison of sales, here we got the lovely chocolate boxes at 15usd for 17 boxes. Meanwhile, in korea just before they added field of crisis hunting ground(meaning that it still was within the patch cut window) they added einsenhad coins to the ncoin shop with 9usd you can get 90 coins, with thes new einsenhad coins they aded a box with items on rotation every 2 weeks at the price of 3 coins, meaning that with 90 coins you get 30 attempts on boxes that on most rotations have less worthless items that what we get on cho
  18. I don't think is because a few can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, because that doesn't even cover NCSOFT operations, if anything the whole concept of free to play is to catch the money from the long tail while squeezing more from those that can pay. The whole shit fest we get from the pay to win options if poor tinkering and research from some people that probably bought their title online while managing to keep the job because connection. I can assure you if the whole 300% exp runes was only 15 usd a month there would be more subscriptions add a few wizard/warrior packs f
  19. The thing is, I don't actually give a single bleep about the collection system since I know the people on the top will always try to find ways to get better and that's fine in every sense. My main issue is that the developers most likely balance the game areas/gameplay/etc... for the people in the top and completely cripple the progression for new/returning players, if they want to add difficulty and actual content for your loyal players be my guest, but don't bleep everyone else in the process, the devs probably think hey we added free exalted gear we are such a good guys!, when in reali
  20. this update is proof that the dev spill random crap and ship it to NA, the collection items needed are delusional on top with the increased difficulty on hunting ground with no exp increase and let point whether is the cripple drop rate we have or the gacha where we get shafted there is no way the korean devs are aware of the monstrosity they have created in NA.
  21. my iss had dual healer so i'm able to survive with that now because iss spam heal takes too much mana. before i could leave evis/iss in alligator for days with no issues now 3 hits and they kill my evis.
  22. @Juji@Hime Patch notes said increased difficulty in alligator island in exchange of increased exp, instead mobs are harder to kill and they do randomly hit like a truck, and no exp increase at all. There's no way for progressing with exalted gear anymore, without the 50%patk herb i won't even be able to kill there.
  23. A new fishing event/sale would be great .
  24. Heya! Since there is no fishing sale/event, May fantasy island be enabled for fishing again? Best Regards, Kupo!
  25. How much is the lineage 2 franchise license for south america? the br market seems quite interesting and many players on NA are from outside the us, so it might be a nice opportunity to open new server in south america specially since costs might be a lot cheaper than running in the use/ca. Any oil prince willing to invest on this idea?
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