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  1. + Would be nice to know if we can expect that.
  2. Hey,as the title says,what is better for PVE setup on an R110 dagger? 15% p skill power aug or 20% p skill crit dmg aug?
  3. Price 45bil Adena only 1 part is +11 Pm J3ny in game or pm here
  4. SkN

    +15 ADEN CLOAK

    Wtt +11 Aden Cloak (4% m cr. dmg) aand adena for +15 Aden Cloak. Pm here or SakiN in game.
  5. Pm offer here or mail Tromokraths in game. Ty.
  6. Wtb +10 aden cloak ,send me price for adena here.
  7. M atk %10+ int+3 mate,or even m atk 10% is better
  8. Feoh 104,back on game after 3years almost naked toon... Gm buff scroll and int stew buff, +6 r99 set, cheap epic jewels, +8 bloody retri 1sa ,I do instance 50-55min and always get 60coins. 1st boss spawn 8-9wave second boss spawn 18-19wave and always 60coins. My only advice for not taking 60,happened to me only one time,be careful not to delay to kill a wave and one mob stay behind when next wave spawn,you are supposed to be weak you loose 60coin...even if you reach stage 50...If someone need advice on how to do easy on feoh I could help,pm me,other classes sorry cannot help.
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