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  1. Yes please. it's so annoying and they spam too much. i always miss pm or chat clan cos of this problem. we don't care about their business, they should learn to use "whisper" mode and they sould stop to showing off. we really don't care at all. pls give us the possibility to hide that chat, TY.
  2. creation of new char is unavailable cos of queque. i think it is possible only the day of the manteinance. the day after will be disabled again. at least those past week was like this.
  3. Hello! i saw many ppl in game with special symbol in the Title (the one you gain and you can manage after being in a clan), up the character name and i have no idea how i can copy/paste from internet to game special symbol like those https://www.messletters.com/it/symbols/ i asked in game to a player and she said " it's a title macro". i have no idea of what is it, and she had a heart special symbol in her title. anyone can help me pls? thanks
  4. Ginevra

    best aore?

    I made an alt to farm with my mai yul and i choosed shillien Saint cos of Mp recharge skills. Now i m 103 with both and i can exp easily Also alone. Best choice in game i've ever made.
  5. Hi guys! I've been pausing from game for 3y and now i'm back again. I Just hit 103 with my aeore shillien saint and i wanted to ask of someone could help me with abilities point cos i found them a Little confused, maybe i put them wrong in the past. Someone can tell me what Is Better to put? Would be nicer to put screenshot of the abilities page of yours. Thanks a lot !
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