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  1. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    Who said anything about Hime or Juji approving rates? I said that "They" adjusted them meaning that NcWests as a business decided to adjust them. It is Hime responsibility and Jujis responsibility to let the other teams within the Lineage 2 Classic project to let them know what our dislikes are. Here is a huge responsibility that a gaming producer has that is not being met with the community: "A producer must be proficient in both speech and the written word. Video game producers interact with various departments and the people within them, each department having their own way of communicating with the video game producer. Producers must be able to speak everyone’s language and translate between departments when needed." You may not see it but we as the community that play their game we are considered a department. We are the consumers and the most crucial part of their game even existing. Without us there would be no profit but they treat us like trash with not communication with us. This is why in my original post to Hime and I stated to not even try to communicate with us because with their current approach it is ripping their community away from this game, they will say one thing but then blind side us with another. Have a good day Krissa
  2. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    Below is what Hime stated back on November 16th. You should really read the forums and pay attention to what is said before trying to correct people on things that you do not even know. The rates were changed because the rates were incorrect and were based on another regions rates that were not approved and were not intended. They then adjusted them to approximate where they should be. Below Hime also talks about scaling. This took me 5 seconds to research, the Dev tracker is a very helpful tool and I would suggest using it before quoting people and providing incorrect information. @Hime "Some additional clarity: Free to Player service and Pay to Play service have different rates. This is true for all regions. We didn't reinvent the wheel on rates. The first rate scaling issue were based on rates from another region that we did not approve. They were lower than what we intended and we've adjusted them to approximately twice the rate they were at. That puts us now on par with other free to play region rates. Now we're on our next issue about the rates scaling. Of course what works from other free to play regions doesn't necessarily mean it works for us here so we got adjusted rates for a few Lv. 40+ zones that had scaling issues. Based on your feedback, there are more that needs to be considered. We're in constant discussions with our dev team and this is a priority issue."
  3. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    I would suggest to no longer give us updates on these types of things even when they are confirmed. The reason for this is because you confirmed last month that the rates were incorrect even after the adjustments were completed and then you come back and say that they are working as intended. Unless rates are being patched on a Wednesday maintenance or you have a confirmed patch for rates in the future for some emergency purpose then tell us. But until then please do not say anything so the community does not uproar like this. Many players have quit because an expectation was set when it was stated that the rates were being looked at and once you released this post and then went into radio silence until now it has truly burned you with the community and the trust that we feel in Ncsoft. What these events have shown me is that NcWest has not learned from their mistakes and mishandles their community and disregards how it makes us feel when their is no communication after something this big and complained about is announced. Thank you.
  4. Why we have exp quest and NOTHING for SP?

    Just kill yourself. (In the game) if you want SP for your skill and you are leveling too fast.
  5. How to Multibox ..

    Some people cannot afford two computers. If this program is only provides a better experience with simply boxing characters and do not allow for additional clients to be opened and to also be automated then I do not see the issue. if you are physically at the keyboard pressing the buttons why does it matter?
  6. Now what?

    @Juji @Neutron It is crazy to me that as producer and assistant producer of a title that is produced by a AAA company of the limited response and unwillingness to work with the community. Would it be best if we directly wrote to NcKorea instead of posting on the forums and trusting that our voices are heard through your contact with them? It is very unprofessional from a business stand point to post something that the community has been asking for and then go radio into silence to wait out the storm. This is what happened with goddess of destruction, where NcWest did not communicate with the community of what changes were coming and when and what would happen to our characters. Something that I just want to add is the fact that we can't even us white chat in towns because of the amount of adena sellers . NcWest is really taking Lineage 2 classic in my eyes in the wrong direction. Please reply to this and let us know as a community if we need to send headquarters hand written letters to let them know the insufficient communication and backlash it is showing on your community forums. Thank you
  7. Vip4 %drop in group

    Guys Juji already went over this during a stream when they were promoting L2 classic. The bonus is based on who does the most damage in the party. This is what he said. can you please confirm this is what was meant during the stream? @Juji
  8. @Hime @Juji For the love of all that is holy stop boosting Exp and SP. This game is supposed to be hard and take time. With the constant influence from NcWest providing these boosts it is highly irritating as I expected a hardcore experience not NcWest to constantly provide xp boosts. Also if the adena rate is as intended why run an adena event? Why inflate the market in your eyes? If the adena drop quantity is as intended why are you providing this event?
  9. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    At this point I think you just like to argue and push buttons looking at your currant and past posts. Any sensible player innocent or not would want more information. Have a good day.
  10. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    1. Idiots or not that is your opinion, what is fact is they still spend their money and they are customers for purchasing a product from a company and they deserve the right to know why a product they have purchased is being denied to them. 2. They do not provide a reason other then "Sorry you are banned and there is no information that we are able to provide you." 3. I am not asking for them to disclose their bot detection methods. I am asking them to disclose what part of the terms of service was broken rather than a canned note that states they were banned and no information is going to be provided. You are providing false information. The X3code does not scan your system all it does is look at the programs that are being ran along side the client that affect the client and also monitor player behavior. If it scanned the system for system files that would be an invasion of privacy. I have put the sentence in bold for you to easily identify what this statement is referring to.
  11. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    Okay if you want to pick words out then that is fine. People SPEND their hard earned money. Most of these players have a job that requires 8 hours to 10 hours of their time. Which during their off times they choose to spend their time and or money on a game that is produced by NcSoft. In the current standing and practice it is unprofessional of NcSoft’s support and as a company to not provide a reasoning to a blocked account other than their standard canned note. It would be best if the support staff applied a part of the terms of service that was broken to cause the ban that way a person has an idea how and what they are appealing on. I personally have been banned and unbanned but these were unrelated to using third party programs. I have been banned for things I have said to other people and they were able to provide the specific quote that got me a ban. So I could avoid bans in the future. So what is the difference from providing what was caught in order to produce a banned account.
  12. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    @Juji & @Hime A process change is needed. It is terrible business practice to ban someone and not provide evidence. People invest their time and money into the company’s products and it is very disrespectful to not provide specific reasons of why they were banned or blocked. How are we as consumers supposed to correctly appeal a ban if the company that has denied a person access to information of why they were banned supposed to reverse an incorrect decision? We need an answer and change to this. This would also reduce the amount of threads that are started that state the person was banned for no reason.
  13. I was on sayah and I do not remember Ace all that well. I remember PeaceCore though. I was in Catalyst. Good to see another veteran though
  14. What clan? On which server?
  15. @Juji @Hime These maintenance and choices that are being made are greatly impacting player experience. The game plays is very different then what was experienced within the first week. I just don’t understand how a AAA publisher could not have ran a beta or PTS server before launch to grind out all or most of the bugs. you guys are giving too much free stuff away instead of providing a consistent hardcore experience that is constantly advertised on your website. I am really at the edge of asking for a refund of my purchases based on choices the company has made and continue to make.
  16. Make VIP 4 Worth it

    As a VIP member I believe the current boosts are fine. This game is supposed to be challenging and not simply give hand outs for the amount of money you spend. i would like to hold onto the little bit of non pay to win mechanics as long as possible. I spend the money to avoid the queue and to get the world shouts mainly but gearing up should take time not 1 month.
  17. LMS Tournament (Giran) 300k reward

    You should get all the summoners that show up to block off the gates with their summons so ppl can’t interfere. also @Juji do you think you could help with this event this player wants to facilitate?
  18. +1 This event saved me from blowing up many weapons since it released the need to blow stuff up. Also my favorite event has to be the santa event. The one where santa would randomly visit you and then the evil Turkey would spawn and you had to defeat him to release santa.
  19. Injustice and lies have short legs

    To put this all into perspective. I paid for a name change ticket, something that cost 2400 NCoin and have to reach out to support. They did a lot of push back and tried to get me to spend additional money for another name change because the rules of the name change was not stated on their website nor the ticket when I purchased it from the Lineage 2 store. It took them 7 days to finally complete my name change for something that I paid for. So if you got banned something they will do for free just imagine how long it may take for them to even do anything about it.
  20. what we ll do?

    You laugh but it is true. Teleport and soulshots are meant to be a luxury.
  21. U all have ruinned the game

    A lot of us veterans know that the hype will die down and at some point we will need to support ourselves with our own buffers in order to solo to farm. The parties in party matching will at one point be scarce as people will find themselves into clans and people will only want to play with either their clan or CP. Best to be prepared for this by boxing now instead of having to level up these boxes by themselves.
  22. U all have ruinned the game

    Yes because I have no friends
  23. PK penalty is too much

    Okay so then don't kill people and you will be fine. If this is part of the game you do not like to partake in then your opinion does not matter.
  24. So the guy gets banned for breaking the rules, then submits a support ticket. After he is displeased with response time so he breaks the code of conduct on the forums trying to make support look at his ticket faster. So as a bystander it looks like he is cool with breaking the rules to get his way.