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  1. PK penalty is too much

    It also means it shouldn't be carebear either. Again there should be consequences for killing other players and right now it is severe at lower levels. Once you get higher and get more xp per mob it should be quicker as you should be stronger to take on mobs that give more xp.
  2. PK penalty is too much

    If you want to burn karma faster i would suggest the Live servers. This is supposed to be a hardcore experience and if you don't like how it is currently then do not kill players and find other alternatives.
  3. PK penalty is too much

    Well if you can't kill mobs fast enough to burn your karma then that is on you.
  4. PK penalty is too much

    Again, might makes right. You as a Pker have choices to make and if someone is bothering you, sure you can kill them but if you dont want to go red then just move. You do it to yourself, he or she is just playing the game and again if you are unable to out kill these people then you should move. Trust me it will save you more time. The current karma system prevents people from randomly killing constantly. It should be a hard decision to kill someone instead of simply killing them and quickly burn the karma. It gives the person you killed time to get revenge. It is a revenge mechanic. If you dont like it then dont go red.
  5. XP/SP Rune - 50% (30-day) pack = $50

    You push for it by making threads and constantly attempting to contact Hime or Juji until they acknowledge the issue whether their response is good or bad. @Juji @Hime
  6. PK penalty is too much

    Augmented items are tradable in this version and I am assuming you can drop the weapon with the augment or it will simply disappear like on the live servers. Also might makes right. If you can't out kill your KSer then it is no longer your spot. Welcome to Lineage 2.
  7. Halloween Store Update ?????

    Do you read or nah?
  8. Who cares about levels when you don't have gear to support yourself? Again not having gear to support yourself based on your level is ur fault not NcSofts. If you don't take the time to farm items or adena or even make alts to farm then it is on you. This is a grind game not a rush game. Good luck in your adventure.
  9. This is the price for rushing in a MMO like this. They already acknowledged the change will happen so clam down and make an alt if you aren't able to continue forward.
  10. Choices, Choices, Choices

    This is a great post. Basically there needs to be a greater balance of quality of life changes and what makes Lineage 2 the hardcore experience veterans enjoyed in the past. I hope @Juji takes this post into consideration when addressing future changes. Thanks for this post @Lawman.
  11. Rip, only thing to do now is reroll.
  12. I think what people do not take into consideration is that there are literally thousands of players playing this game. If they were to out of the box give us amazing rates then the market would be extremely flooded with items and adena. You have to take into consideration of all the other players that make up an economy and not just ones self. This game is about players coming together and helping each other and not a solo warrior adventure and that is what people are looking for when asking for rates to be constantly increased. Also we do not know what the true rates are supposed to be as players constantly quote a site that is made specifically for the EU version of the game. So until there is a site that is generated specifically stating to be for NA Classic you can not truly argue that the rates are not close to 1.5. As for NcSoft stating that the rates are off we do not know how far off they are but if I at 27 can get full D grade then why with someone level 40 cannot prepare themselves to buy or farm mats to craft C grade? People easily have 10 levels to prepare themselves for level 40 and equip themselves with C grade.
  13. The drop rates are fine. People just do not want to wait and they are just trying to rush like I stated. When you rush you shoot yourself in the foot in this game and there should be consequences for doing so hence slow advancement. I am already in Full D grade at level 27. This game isn't rocket science it simply just takes time to acquire things hence hardcore. Back in the day it would take days, weeks and months to acquire upgrades to gear. This version I feel they are simply handing out items.
  14. I will for sure still tell people to quit if they do not like something but only when it is obvious that they are crying about stuff that has been acknowledged that was not previously promised by NcSoft and they have already said they were focused on providing a solution then I will tell someone to quit if they do not like it. In this case they have coddled the players who have chosen to rush to end game which is something you do not do in Korean mmo like this. People do not like to problem solve they just want things done without needing to think. They promised a hardcore experience and that is what I am holding them to. So for someone to say "if you don't like it then quit" for something that they have promised is an irritant. Everyone should hold NcSoft to a high standard.
  15. Been here since 2007 so I have no plans to do so. I am trying to show my displeasure as a playing customer with stating the facts. While you are just trying to be an irritant. Have a good day scrub.
  16. @Hime This is supposed to be a hardcore experience... the game consistently coddles for people who choose to rush and not take their time to make adena. This is supposed to be a hardcore experience. @Juji
  17. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    @Juji @Hime Can we please have an explanation on why it was decided to be a good idea to roll out an event that promotes staying logged in to get an event item? This is relevant because as a paying customer we are having to sit in a queue for about a hour and a half. Yall couldn't just run the squash event?
  18. Pay 5 Dollars and stop crying

    Having 5 dollars is a fat wallet?
  19. Pay 5 Dollars and stop crying

    No one is forcing anyone to spend money. But if you would like to invest 5 dollars for a very small queue or no queue at all rather then spend 12 to 15 hours in a queue then that is up to you. Also if people have issues with a queue time as a free to play game then go play on one of the newer servers. I guarantee you that you will make the same progress faster on one of the newer servers then sitting in a queue for 10 hours. It is time vs money. /thread
  20. Sounds like a personal problem if you were to lose electricity. Also could you imagine if they increased the server capacity to like 10k how flooded the zones would be in the 20 to 30s areas. The game would be unplayable people KSing each other. It would be insanity. If you are not willing to purchase Vip that is on you, but don't constantly make threads or posts crying about queues when they are already aware of the situation and are opening up new servers to resolve the issue. As a free player you should be grateful that they are trying to resolve the queue issue in anyway. The VIP players with a queue to log in that have invested money should be the ones complaining but no it is selfish free to play players like yourself constantly crying about server capacity. Just take some time and reflect on this. Have A Good Day.
  21. RiP, send in a support ticket. Post like these are pointless. Good luck pilgrim!
  22. Now VIP lvl 4 has queue too

    You guys can't wait 20 minutes? How addicted are you? Free players have to wait anywhere from 14 to 15 hours depending on the day. I think 20 minutes is pretty reasonable with all things considered. Btw I am a ViP 4 member as well. We are still prioritized so I don't see the issue, basically you are in Queue with other ViP members so what makes you more special then them?
  23. So, this is actually Pay 2 Play ?

    It is free to play, but you choose to sit in a queue if you don't want to play on Aden server.
  24. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue - 10.11.2018

    Are you joking me? The CM and GM support have been incredible. Before classic launch these kind of daily updates were unheard of. People just need to calm and and wait for a fix. We as a community need to understand that Ncsoft has not had this many players play on their servers for a very long time and probably did not anticipate this volume of players. This evidence can by supported by their choice of simply opening up 1 NA server and 1 EU server. Then later down the line opening up another NA server. These guys need time and not constant badgering. They recognize the issue and are working to fix it.
  25. hime or juji respond

    Did you apply the code under the lineage 2 tab? You will not receive a code in your email. You need to log into your account on the main website, go to "Apply A Code" and select the lineage 2 tab and it should be there.