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  1. I never get the client will close as a ViP member. If you are not willing to invest 5 dollars for 5 months of ViP status it really seems this is your issue rather then Ncsofts. Ncsoft is a business and needs to earn revenue for a product they worked very hard to deliver on. I am particularly grateful they brought classic to NA and I am even amazed they allowed it to be a free to play model. You should be grateful as well since you are literally investing no money but you come to the forums and complain when something isn't going your way? This product is free by your choice, deal wit
  2. The pdef from the shield is only attributed when you successfully block an attack. It does not add to base pdef if the hit is successful.
  3. You won't invest 5 dollars for Vip level 1 to skip a queue to which that 5 dollars will provide you vip status for several months? I would understand if it were like 5 dollars a month for vip 1 status but we are talking about 400 ncoin gets you 5 months of free hassle from the queue of free players.
  4. If you dont like it then just quit. These guys are working very hard. Seeing daily updates was unheard of before classic. Everyone needs to settle down and just go with the flow instead of constantly crying about things they already stated they are working on. I get voicing your opinion and concerns but once they have been recognized and a company is doing something about it maybe we should ease off a little.
  5. AH cost money to use and AH takes money away from the sale price. You would lose so much money if they implemented the AH system.
  6. ViP priority should not be removed. If I am investing money on a monthly basis to play this game then I should not be treated as a free player. It is time vs money. Free players choose time and ViP players choose money. You can simply skip the queue at ViP 1 which is 80 ncoin.
  7. Which files did they supply? The server is less then a week old. Everyone would be doing a lot better if they focused on grinding instead of crying on the forums. I am level 27 and already have a Top NG weapon and earned another 80k after that purchase. This game is only as hard as you want it to be. From what I saw they advised a hardcore version of Lineage 2 Classic. Not a softcore hello kitty island adventure version of Lineage 2 Classic.
  8. @Hime this OP question has been answered in the quoted statement. The rest of the thread has derailed into bigoted opinions and accusations about Russians. Can we close this thread now? Thanks
  9. Guys it is the first day. We should all expect the servers to go up and down for a while. Especially since it is a mmo. Ncstaff are doing their best and we should appreciate that they are still sticking with the delivery date so far.
  10. The pk system is about revenge and not hand outs. This is the way it should be.
  11. The new change is great, it prompts revenge instead of hand outs, and that is exactly what the pk system is supposed to be.
  12. Some of us want to know what kind of skills to expect so we know which classes we would enjoy playing.
  13. @Juji @Hime Can we please have an update on when to expect patch notes, will we be receiving them today or tomorrow? Thank you
  14. I see that Ant queen is in the game. Does this mean there will be a boss jewel or will this be coming out in a later patch? @Juji
  15. Why are you so angry? Just because EU has skeith doesn't mean all EU players like to play there. I am a NA player and these kinds of posts are ridiculous. We live in a world where everyone is able to have opinions also are allowed to be heard. Lastly who are you to tell someone where to play? Back to the main point. I posted the below reasoning in another post which I believe are reasons we should keep the looping macro system. What we should be asking to be removed is the ability to adjust what next target does. We should not be able to change the settings to only next target m
  16. They simply look cute, that is it. It is also kinda like a fashion accessory and shows you worked hard to get something.
  17. What is good or bad in one region doesn't mean it is bad for another. Personally I believe macros should keep their looping ability for the following reasons. 1. Easier to get up and stretch during a grind session and not feel like you need to rush back to your computer. 2. Easier to box support. If you are going to farm with a dorf or whatever it is a pain to switch between screens and constantly buff or dance when boxing. 3. Easier to continue contributing to your party when you have to look up information, or an emergency happens. People focus greatly on the negative asp
  18. This game isn't purely a remaster of C1, C2 ect. This is a game within itself with quality of life additions. It is very frustrating to hear people constantly stating "oh this isn't true classic" because this game they are creating is Lineage 2 but it isn't Lineage 2 C1. I would like to see where @Juji @Hime has posted they were creating a server to replicate the start of Lineage 2. This post would not exist. What we have is a post explaining the new rule sets and expectations to have. So people please stop saying "This isn't true classic" when in reality it is classic. This is
  19. This game is about making friends and enemies, not being a solo warrior. Yall need to get out of the mind set of doing this all on your own. Also to combat botters and RMT the 3 clients cap should remain. 3 is enough if you want to be a solo warrior. Lastly about the soulshots, make some friends that will run them out to you on their off time. If you are worried about losing your xp spot well you better be ready to fight for it. Good luck
  20. You can't stun if you can't catch someone. Dwarfs run slow and can easily be kited around like a little baby. I know I use to play a dwarf before the rush skills were implemented. Also remember, root and mana burn then poof the dwarf is screwed.
  21. For now. Wait till 3rd class comes out. That class is very good for clan pvp. You have to think into the future not just right now and what content is being released first.
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