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  1. I think it's funny that the Demon Sword wielder is supposed to hunt other people, but more often than not ends up being the one that's running. They need to rework the entire function of the Demon Swords. It should be something that players have to build towards. Like maybe if a person has over 100 PKs, he or she is then eligible to pick up the sword(s) when they drop. No one with less than that can get the swords, even if they kill the Demon Sword wielder. Also, the swords only drop when someone has been PKed. And the chance to drop is less than 5%. They do not drop from mobs, or f
  2. ^^^ Exactly. When you look at how much things cost that NPC sell compared to what adena drops are there is no effing way players can afford to play this game. Free to play my ass!!!
  3. That is incorrect. Fortune Seekers get Great Luck skill passive that increases their LUC stat +3. Maestro do not get this skill.
  4. Rumor has it that the only reason why there is an official Restoration Policy now is because some elite players were getting special treatment and having items that they broke during enchant restored by GMs without anyone else knowing. Favoritism is Corruption's handmaiden.
  5. You can do dailies, Atelia Outlet Etis van Etina (solo), and before the nerf IOS, but after that, FOM, Lizards or Sel Mahum are the only places you can probably AFK overnight (although you might get PKed) for .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% XP. It's really bad. I'm 109 and it feels like I've been stuck at 73% all week since update.
  6. LUC definitely helps enchant success, but it's hard to pin down exactly to what extent. Luck is so random in this game. Most of the guys who have lots of success enchanting have more than 100 LUC stat. But these guys also enchant way more stuff that fails that you never hear about. Even they forget about. Everyone too busy noticing the one success, but ignoring the 50-100 fails.
  7. Are any of your skills enchanted higher than +10?
  8. On my list of improvements, but had to make other stuff a priority. Too bad Forgotten Spellbooks don't drop like Blessed SpS and EAR does in Letter event.
  9. Even with Brilliant Rose I'm only at 1200. This can only mean that there is going to be an event with a new item somewhere down the road that helps players bridge the gap.
  10. Gem energies work best on Greater Jewels, not on compounding lower jewels.
  11. Yes, L2 lost its soul a loooooong time ago. We knew it would happen when "Free to play" and microtransactions became the new model. This is life after the Apocalypse. The AFK macro parties you see are the meek inheriting the earth.
  12. Be careful. There are some title L2 fonts that are in-game for special reasons. Everyone else who uses an outside program to generate a custom title of any kind is doing it in violation of the EULA. Sure, they get away with it, just like people who have 3rd party macros for log-in and auto-buy/sell shops got away with it. But if the GMs ever decide to drop hammer, don't expect leniency on grounds that everyone else was doing it.
  13. But you can definitely keep the poor, poor. So why are adena drops so damn low in this game?
  14. Sometimes they do announce them here on the boards. But most of the times that I got buffs from GMs, it was when they just popped in unexpectedly to review progress on a fix for a major issue. We're talking at odd hours. And they didn't hang around long after the buff.
  15. Funny you should mention IOS. I wonder where the people are now who complained about the adena drop rate being too high a few months ago? Are they enjoying it more now that they have finally reached 107 and go there only to find the drop amount horrifically low -- and possibly getting even lower with this update? I wonder.
  16. I think it speaks volumes to have 90% of the server below 110, when it only takes 2-3 days to get to 105. What is happening between 105 and 110 that is adversely affecting most of your gaming community? Even with all the server boosts and Dragon Weapons in the world, here we are with players unable to XP quickly or efficiently. Why is that? Whatever you decide, don't just band-aid the symptoms. Fix the root problem. If you don't, when you roll out the update for 120+ content, you're going to face the same angry faces. Well, that's if anyone is still here other than the uber-geared el
  17. It really is criminal how they shut off adena spigot and steer everyone to L2-RMT store in order to raise enough adena to adequately play this game. They really should cut out the middle step and directly sell weekly adena packets of various denominations. No more leaving your computer on all night for scraps. "Save energy, buy adena from NCSoft" could be their marketing slogan.
  18. Leave your toon online overnight. You'll have more letters than you care to have.
  19. I'll keep it simple: 1. Vastly increase XP and mobs on all hunting zones < 113 2. Best aspect of update...although removing Ether as recipe ingredient would be nice. 3. Give archers back their special arrows. You made mobs harder to kill. New skill, augments for armor and a tiny boost for sigil doesn't cover the DOT that we used to get from Additional Arrow or Patk Arrow on current mobs. 4. Meh. Yes, learned new Yul skill, but because of other stealth changes, it doesn't feel like my character got better. Not 110 on main, so definitely not 110 on dual. Won't know about
  20. Thanks. Hunted for 2 days now but no Artifact Scrolls dropped. The other scrolls, yes, and more letters that I don't even care about, but no Arti scrolls. Will keep trying.
  21. My expectation was that you'd be able to go to a hunting ground and see mobs everywhere. Enough for everyone to hunt. But it looks like I'll have to dust off my red and kill people tonight. The ones who don't look like they can clear all mobs in a reasonable amount of time will be the first to get PKed. I'm betting I won't be the only one. Blood will flood the land.
  22. Please stop giving us this same crap event after event after event. It's not a reward when the market is so saturated that these items have no value. Elcyum Crystal Giant's Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-grade Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-grade) Freya's Charisma Potion Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-grade) (x5) Dark Armor Enhancement Stone Bloody Weapon Enhancement Stone Giant's Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-grade) Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-grade) Maphr's Luck Potion (x2) Source of the Emperor Essence of Time Mysterious Soulshot Pack (R-gra
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