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  1. I think it's funny that the Demon Sword wielder is supposed to hunt other people, but more often than not ends up being the one that's running.

    They need to rework the entire function of the Demon Swords. It should be something that players have to build towards. Like maybe if a person has over 100 PKs, he or she is then eligible to pick up the sword(s) when they drop. No one with less than that can get the swords, even if they kill the Demon Sword wielder. 

    Also, the swords only drop when someone has been PKed. And the chance to drop is less than 5%. They do not drop from mobs, or from the Demon Sword Tooth Fairy. You have to kill someone first, and then they MIGHT drop. If no one gets killed, then they don't drop. We could potentially go days without the swords dropping.

    But we would also see an increase in the number of people getting PKed. This is a good thing. Mobs shouldn't be the only thing that people build their characters or join clans to defeat. It's not forced PVP, but it would increase PVP, even if it's only in self-defense. Now isn't that the whole point of the Demon Swords?

    Oh, and return the PK system to the old ways where reds drop on death. That way if a major chaotic player gets and keeps the demon swords it will help them pay for the items that they loss -- instead of lining the pockets of the same rich players with more adena than the rest of the players will ever see.

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  2. 2 hours ago, SafeStash said:

    The same luck among us Fortune seekers and Maestro

    That is incorrect. Fortune Seekers get Great Luck skill passive that increases their LUC stat +3. Maestro do not get this skill.

  3. On 8/24/2020 at 9:04 AM, Uzume said:

    what's a lil corruption here and there right ?

    Rumor has it that the only reason why there is an official Restoration Policy now is because some elite players were getting special treatment and having items that they broke during enchant restored by GMs without anyone else knowing. Favoritism is Corruption's handmaiden.

  4. 51 minutes ago, Sharlanna said:

    I'm about ready to take another break... AGAIN. I'm a Feoh Archmage and need 21% for 108. After doing solo, Imperial Tomb, Storm Isle and Primeval I have nothing to do! All the lower level farming spots fill very quickly!! There are so many areas that are going to waste... USE IT! This is crazy!!

    You can do dailies, Atelia Outlet Etis van Etina (solo), and before the nerf IOS, but after that, FOM, Lizards or Sel Mahum are the only places you can probably AFK overnight (although you might get PKed) for .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% XP. It's really bad. I'm 109 and it feels like I've been stuck at 73% all week since update.

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  5. LUC definitely helps enchant success, but it's hard to pin down exactly to what extent. Luck is so random in this game. Most of the guys who have lots of success enchanting have more than 100 LUC stat.  But these guys also enchant way more stuff that fails that you never hear about. Even they forget about. Everyone too busy noticing the one success, but ignoring the 50-100 fails.

  6. 5 hours ago, Rodah said:

    So on the L2 Discord it was mentioned that the average monster element defense was around 1400 (1369 for <110 mobs).  

    WTF?/?/?  Are we supposed to run Brilliant Rose 24/7?  How was this even remotely considered acceptable for our servers?  

    Even with Brilliant Rose I'm only at 1200. This can only mean that there is going to be an event with a new item somewhere down the road that helps players bridge the gap.

  7. Be careful. There are some title L2 fonts that are in-game for special reasons. Everyone else who uses an outside program to generate a custom title of any kind is doing it in violation of the EULA. Sure, they get away with it, just like people who have 3rd party macros for log-in and auto-buy/sell shops got away with it. But if the GMs ever decide to drop hammer, don't expect leniency on grounds that everyone else was doing it. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Ishmila said:

    @Juji @Hime

    Keep stronghold the same, we need to have some way to farm adena in game since its nerfed everywhere else.  

    New update does not match the level of server.  we have 3 people 116,  most the server is 110 111 112  and cant xp in new zones.  so the lvl gap is increasing.  PLEASE implement A Leveling WALL  AT  117 or something.... otherwise no support will play this game. 

     ( in the top 50 ranked in xp for mains, only 3 classes are support, 2 tanks and 1 iss..... )

    Funny you should mention IOS. I wonder where the people are now who complained about the adena drop rate being too high a few months ago? Are they enjoying it more now that they have finally reached 107 and go there only to find the drop amount horrifically low -- and possibly getting even lower with this update? I wonder. :D

  9. I think it speaks volumes to have 90% of the server below 110, when it only takes 2-3 days to get to 105. What is happening between 105 and 110 that is adversely affecting most of your gaming community? Even with all the server boosts and Dragon Weapons in the world, here we are with players unable to XP quickly or efficiently. Why is that?

    Whatever you decide, don't just band-aid the symptoms. Fix the root problem.

    If you don't, when you roll out the update for 120+ content, you're going to face the same angry faces. Well, that's if anyone is still here other than the uber-geared elites that spend their trust funds to play this game.

  10. 2 hours ago, Hime said:

    Hello Adventurers,

    Yesterday, we launched the Tales Untold update. With the update, there were many changes to current systems and the addition of new systems.

    We have been reading through feedback already shared and we would like to invite all to share their thoughts constructively on the update especially on these features:

    1. Hunting Zones and Raid Bosses
    2. Augment System
    3. Item Changes
    4. Skill Changes
    5. Other Changes

    Please let us know how your experience has been, what you like, what you don’t like, and you feel could be improved.

    Thank you!

    I'll keep it simple:

    1. Vastly increase XP and mobs on all hunting zones < 113

    2. Best aspect of update...although removing Ether as recipe ingredient would be nice.

    3.  Give archers back their special arrows. You made mobs harder to kill. New skill, augments for armor and a tiny boost for sigil doesn't cover the DOT that we used to get from Additional Arrow or Patk Arrow on current mobs.

    4.  Meh. Yes, learned new Yul skill, but because of other stealth changes, it doesn't feel like my character got better. Not 110 on main, so definitely not 110 on dual. Won't know about those additional skills for another few months at this rate..

    5. I'm trying to think of a change that I like. Can I get back to you?

  11. My expectation was that you'd be able to go to a hunting ground and see mobs everywhere. Enough for everyone to hunt. But it looks like I'll have to dust off my red and kill people tonight. The ones who don't look like they can clear all mobs in a reasonable amount of time will be the first to get PKed. I'm betting I won't be the only one. Blood will flood the land.

  12. Please stop giving us this same crap event after event after event. It's not a reward when the market is so saturated that these items have no value.

    Elcyum Crystal

    Giant's Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-grade

    Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-grade)

    Freya's Charisma Potion

    Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-grade) (x5)

    Dark Armor Enhancement Stone

    Bloody Weapon Enhancement Stone

    Giant's Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-grade)

    Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-grade)

    Maphr's Luck Potion (x2)

    Source of the Emperor

    Essence of Time

    Mysterious Soulshot Pack (R-grade) (x6)

    Mysterious Blessed Spiritshot Pack (R-grade) (x3)


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