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  1. My experience with Freya Stick Promo.

    I call BS. How much is NCSoft paying you again?
  2. My experience with Freya Stick Promo.

    Sounds about right. BTW - I sure as heck didn't spend thousands on this silly event, but I did try with 30 sticks (a good number are daily free enchants, on two accounts). Had several staffs go "poof" at +4, a few made it to +5, one to +6 and none above that. And I have 59 LUC. So, however they got that good of rates with 300 sticks - using some stones (really have better than 60 LUC), maybe NCSoft rewards you if you dump thousands into an event like this (luckily I have more common sense than this, actually have a job and career - and don't waste money and time on such nonsense), I'd like to know how they did it. No one I know (I haven't talked to uber whales who have spent $10K or more on this game, and seems to not have a job or go to school), so maybe there's a trick? Or, whomever "I just spent #3,300 dollars from the NCSoft store" may work/endorse NCSoft, and is reporting false information. Whatever the case, unless you're a fool, don't believe the false propaganda here, unless you're a fool who doesn't value money or your time.
  3. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    Good point. It is basically a sale, and all about gambling. I’d like to see the success rates too (for someone under 70 Luck). I saw the staff go “poof” at +4, +5, and + 7 (mine went poof at +4...thought I would try it). I’m guessing the odds are pretty horrible to get anything good.
  4. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    OMG, that is aweseome Draecke! That was a good one, and the most positive thing so far about this sad excuse for an event.
  5. Future Events; The Servers in General

    In case others haven't noticed, most of us have given up on the forums. Particularly in response to the poorly run events the last few months. Sure, most of the whales are still on who are willing to dump thousands into a quickly dying game. But even many of them, and high-level (not uber high level, regarding gear, and mega-accounts) players are leaving. The numbers don't lie (and many of those accounts logging in - are single players, with lots to accounts). Things are going downhill fast, and it's pretty clear whatever we say here changes little. Word is getting around, and it's not positive.
  6. November 2018 Preview

    Thanks Hime! Red Libra is definitely one of the better events, and can be a big boost across a large part of the server base! Definitely a big plus. If we could get some of the other events back soon too (like Merkio's bracelet and enchants, Dragon shirt enchants) - at a more attainable level for so a larger percentage of the player base can take advantage of these, that would be great too. Red Libra is a nice event for the holidays !
  7. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    Agreed. Another major fail by NCSoft. This seems designed only for whales, who have tons of accounts and nothing better to do all day than just sit being a computer with lots of accounts running. I haven't heard of anyone, other than players with uber accounts running through the day, getting anything from this event (when it does just happen to show a "winner"). Most players (90% of the player base) gave up on this event long ago. Strike 4 NCSoft....just keep watching the player population fall even more. These are not smart people running NCWest.
  8. Future Events; The Servers in General

    Though not the best English (pretty darn good - I can't speak another language fluently at all) - you said this very well. The last part, "I'm really sad about l2..." is how a vast majority of the players feel, who have been playing for awhile (like many here, I started back in Prelude). So true. I, and many of us, would use the L2 Store - if prices where more reasonable, items were more meaningful (as a way to catch-up on key items, but at a much more reasonable price), and they had some useful specials (the Black Friday - Thanksgiving weekend/holiday specials are basically worthless). L2 has so much potential - it's saddening to see so much promise wasted by the game developers. They have this amazing product, but no clue on what to do with it.
  9. Future Events; The Servers in General

    Great point. I've already stated the problem with the last three events (basically - heavily favor the very top 5%, those that have thousands of $$ to spend, lack of benefit for the average to even top 10-20% of player base). Simply put - make the events more attainable to everyone (not 100% attainable to everyone - should still have to work for it - but more attainable, especially for some of the support classes, and not top-geared players). I know that there would be some backlash from some players (I worked pretty hard to get the +5 Merkio's bracelet myself - at least it was attainable, putting the time in, after the first few weeks) - but give the average player, the new players, even the higher end players who have been playing for years but don't have top gear - a reason to stay, and play for improvements to that they can advance in play areas and game play.
  10. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, November 21, 2018

    Good point HitEye. Makes sense. Though I still wish that they could find some way to even things out some. Bring the event back again (I was somewhat enjoyable), and make it available to all classes (somehow - maybe allow 2 players in at a time, one DD and one other?...not sure on the best solution). At least the event - once they got to the point where well (not just top, or near-top players) geared DD players had a chance to get Marks (not sure if that was after 1 or 2 weeks? - I was gave up that first week, after several tries - then was gone for work another week). - was a event that relied on investing your time, and skill to some point [especially for those of us with good but not great gear] - versus uber $$ or hundreds of billions of Adena. If NCWest could bring this back again soon - get some way for other classes to get something out of it (and make the event last at least 3-4 weeks, so players can get something out of it), it could be a good thing to bring players on-line more, and help out the other classes. More events like this, if they followed those guidelines, could really help the player base and clans - especially for those not at the top (i.e., the other 90% of players - those that we want to stay).
  11. Future Events; The Servers in General

    Great ideas. It would be amazing if NCWest actually listed to us for a change. I especially like this: Recycle old P2W items (we have plenty) for lower prices or with better success rates so the gap can be closed and ppl can catch up. - especially with last three huge fiasco's: (1) Artifact Event (bring it back - much more accessible - 30-40Bil for +11 is rediculous); (2) Shirt Event (get the enchants back, much cheaper/more attainable, much higher success - - not just for the uber whales/top 5%, who have more money to spend than common sense; and (3) Merkio's Bracelet event - make it,somehow, more available to all classes, let us keep our Merkio's Marks (90% of DDs that were able to play, couldn't get through the event/get marks the first two weeks either) - the event was fun, fairly productive, but needs to be expanded for all classes some how - maybe Duo's?). Bring this back, at something much more approaching attainable for more players - and not targeted solely for the whales/uber spenders that used to make up only 5% (now probably 10-15%, since you have driven so many players away with how horrendously implemented and managed these events were run). Also: What we need is a more newbie-friendly game so that ppl that surely will come in over the next time, when the wall hits them on classic or when they realize classic is boring and slow as hell, actually stay here on Live. - See above. You're killing the game for new players, who see how messed up things are, and how stacked things are against them unless they're willing to drop $20,000 - $40,000 USD on pixels, and same for average to high-end players who are foolish enough to spends crazy amounts of RMTs. Make the game enjoyable again for everyone - not just the top 5% spenders. Like someone else said, when players come back from the slow-grind of Classic Servers (which I hope they do soon, to save the game for Live servers), they need something reasonable - hopeful for the future - to come back to L2 Live.
  12. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, November 21, 2018

    Honestly, it makes no sense why they would also delete the Merkio's marks in the first place. Why would NCSoft do that if the event is coming back in the future? That's just inane. They didn't do that with the Artifacts (they don't disappear from our inventory - supposedly that's coming back, hopefully a lot better then how totally screwed-up and biased it was for the whale-players). Why would they even delete the Merkio's Marks then? I'm not sure what NCSoft is thinking - problem is, they don't think very much or very well. I want the game, L2, to continue - it has potential. But incredibly inane moves like this, time and time again, are not helping. Surely someone at NCSoft leadership/development has enough sense to see this?
  13. Radiant +5 shirt

    Agreed. Ripped off again by another P2W event for Shirt enchanrs. I haven’t hear of anyone getting past +3 with the 5 enchants you buy for $130 USD. Nearly everyone ends up back at +0 or close. Super low enchant rate (and like 800kk in stores - for what, 10%, and if fail it resets to Zero. Great job again NCSoft on another P2W event - unless you have (or are foolish enough to spend) a few hundred $$$ you’re not going to get much other than the shirt itself. Another Fail forNCSoft, driving more good players from L2, while pandering to the top 5% elites (and those foolish enough to throw $$ away. NCSoft, you’re slitting you’re own thoat again, pandering to the P2W elites.

    Sorry, didn't mean to imply that you're associated with bots Alcho. You have some pretty insightful posts, so sounds like you're pretty much on top of things. Honestly, few things ruined the game (other than trying to get my account back after being deployed again to where there's no internet) more than bots in the old days. It was crazy, and you're right that anything we can do to keep that out of the game is worth it. I"m fine with the gear I have - though I'm always trying to get better, with the limited time I have (and I do not like the P2W events, because they're out-of-control and so strongly favor the heavy spenders....reminds me of the bots issue, kind of like you said). I didn't mean to be such a buttt myself - that whole bot issue was a hot subject (at least that's better, I think - I don't play much anymore) and you're right to keep it in check. I'm not sure how it is on Classic - i'v only been on there a few times (i'm still stuck in DE village....).

    You're a genius. Now try to finish high school. I don't need, or really want my gear back now anyways. It was a long time ago, and it's probably not worth much anyways (I didn't have a lot of great stuff by today's standards anyways - good then, but not great....so probably not worth much). And there would be a conflict, since I was able to get my old character name back anyways having it been so long since I quit playing. Nice try though.....sounds like you're pretty familiar with whatever bots do.