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  1. Blah. This event is the beginning of the end (a stake in the heart) of L2. It may take awhile, but this is a killer stroke. It's a bullet to the disease of Lycanthropy that L2 has become, except for those few who are already too far gone ("turned" into believing thousands here is some how a catharsis). The rest will slowly die-off.
  2. I agree 100%! After the fiasco of massive P2W events that last several months (since summer), we drove away a good portion of the player base. Although many left for Classic servers. I believe that I probably represent most of the players who have played for awhile (and aren't willing to drop $ thousands on P2W), and are not interested in shelling out that kind of hard-earned $$ to be a top 5% (or top 10% now?). Although the massive spenders used to represent a relatively small percentage of players - maybe 5-10%. That probably has changed, since the P2W events chased away a large por
  3. Thank you very much for the letter Juji and Hime. That is very nice, and very hopeful. I must say, that has to be one of the nicest and most professional update notes that I've seen in the nearly 15 years that we've been playing L2 (I started back in May of 2004, but had several breaks for military, including a long break for almost 5 years during which the new login system occurred, and where I couldn't get to internet). I'm hoping that we can bring back some of the events (Dragon shirt enchants, bracelet augments, artifact fragments) at much reduced cost [or available in the store muc
  4. I call BS. How much is NCSoft paying you again?
  5. Sounds about right. BTW - I sure as heck didn't spend thousands on this silly event, but I did try with 30 sticks (a good number are daily free enchants, on two accounts). Had several staffs go "poof" at +4, a few made it to +5, one to +6 and none above that. And I have 59 LUC. So, however they got that good of rates with 300 sticks - using some stones (really have better than 60 LUC), maybe NCSoft rewards you if you dump thousands into an event like this (luckily I have more common sense than this, actually have a job and career - and don't waste money and time on such nonsense), I'
  6. Good point. It is basically a sale, and all about gambling. I’d like to see the success rates too (for someone under 70 Luck). I saw the staff go “poof” at +4, +5, and + 7 (mine went poof at +4...thought I would try it). I’m guessing the odds are pretty horrible to get anything good.
  7. OMG, that is aweseome Draecke! That was a good one, and the most positive thing so far about this sad excuse for an event.
  8. In case others haven't noticed, most of us have given up on the forums. Particularly in response to the poorly run events the last few months. Sure, most of the whales are still on who are willing to dump thousands into a quickly dying game. But even many of them, and high-level (not uber high level, regarding gear, and mega-accounts) players are leaving. The numbers don't lie (and many of those accounts logging in - are single players, with lots to accounts). Things are going downhill fast, and it's pretty clear whatever we say here changes little. Word is getting around, and it's not p
  9. Thanks Hime! Red Libra is definitely one of the better events, and can be a big boost across a large part of the server base! Definitely a big plus. If we could get some of the other events back soon too (like Merkio's bracelet and enchants, Dragon shirt enchants) - at a more attainable level for so a larger percentage of the player base can take advantage of these, that would be great too. Red Libra is a nice event for the holidays !
  10. Agreed. Another major fail by NCSoft. This seems designed only for whales, who have tons of accounts and nothing better to do all day than just sit being a computer with lots of accounts running. I haven't heard of anyone, other than players with uber accounts running through the day, getting anything from this event (when it does just happen to show a "winner"). Most players (90% of the player base) gave up on this event long ago. Strike 4 NCSoft....just keep watching the player population fall even more. These are not smart people running NCWest.
  11. Though not the best English (pretty darn good - I can't speak another language fluently at all) - you said this very well. The last part, "I'm really sad about l2..." is how a vast majority of the players feel, who have been playing for awhile (like many here, I started back in Prelude). So true. I, and many of us, would use the L2 Store - if prices where more reasonable, items were more meaningful (as a way to catch-up on key items, but at a much more reasonable price), and they had some useful specials (the Black Friday - Thanksgiving weekend/holiday specials are basically worthle
  12. Great point. I've already stated the problem with the last three events (basically - heavily favor the very top 5%, those that have thousands of $$ to spend, lack of benefit for the average to even top 10-20% of player base). Simply put - make the events more attainable to everyone (not 100% attainable to everyone - should still have to work for it - but more attainable, especially for some of the support classes, and not top-geared players). I know that there would be some backlash from some players (I worked pretty hard to get the +5 Merkio's bracelet myself - at least it was attaina
  13. Good point HitEye. Makes sense. Though I still wish that they could find some way to even things out some. Bring the event back again (I was somewhat enjoyable), and make it available to all classes (somehow - maybe allow 2 players in at a time, one DD and one other?...not sure on the best solution). At least the event - once they got to the point where well (not just top, or near-top players) geared DD players had a chance to get Marks (not sure if that was after 1 or 2 weeks? - I was gave up that first week, after several tries - then was gone for work another week). - was a event
  14. Great ideas. It would be amazing if NCWest actually listed to us for a change. I especially like this: Recycle old P2W items (we have plenty) for lower prices or with better success rates so the gap can be closed and ppl can catch up. - especially with last three huge fiasco's: (1) Artifact Event (bring it back - much more accessible - 30-40Bil for +11 is rediculous); (2) Shirt Event (get the enchants back, much cheaper/more attainable, much higher success - - not just for the uber whales/top 5%, who have more money to spend than common sense; and (3) Merkio's Bracelet event -
  15. Honestly, it makes no sense why they would also delete the Merkio's marks in the first place. Why would NCSoft do that if the event is coming back in the future? That's just inane. They didn't do that with the Artifacts (they don't disappear from our inventory - supposedly that's coming back, hopefully a lot better then how totally screwed-up and biased it was for the whale-players). Why would they even delete the Merkio's Marks then? I'm not sure what NCSoft is thinking - problem is, they don't think very much or very well. I want the game, L2, to continue - it has potential. But
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