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  1. I was having this problem... Then I just decided to make a new character on Aden. No queue!
  2. Fed up with the queue on Giran, I decided to move to Aden. Despite being in Europe, the server time isn't that big a deal as sieges are on Sunday. I grind away, concerned that I won't get enough money to keep my gear in line with my level. At about level 16 I am grinding my (future) Bladedancer on the golem/cat/spider quest when I come across a random dead summoner. I notice his pet is still fighting, so out of morbid curiosity I watch. The summon kills the mob (obviously), but then something amazing happens; the mob drops a Sword of Watershadow (a P.Atk 24 sword). As the dead
  3. How about you get out of the starter area before you make sweeping decisions about the game...
  4. Back in the day I was a member of a party in ToI. I was the Bladedancer and would be in it for about 12 hours, then sleep 4 hours, work 7, eat, rejoin the party. When I was away another BD was in the party. This went on for about 2 weeks. This is a proper L2 party.
  5. Stop KSing them and they'll stop killing your pets.
  6. The queue for Giran is currently around 1900 people. I suspect a good chunk of those are computers that have already been disconnected. Every time I get disconnected and try to get back on says I'm already there. Is there a solution? Perhaps require a ping to the login server every 60 seconds so that the disconnected clients are removed from the queue?
  7. To be fair, not everybody getting locked is botting. My 14 year old main account was locked 48 hours ago, but today I could log in. No explanation, no email, no reply to my support request. No idea...
  8. So not scamming, but basically selling adena. Not a loss to the server then.
  9. Scamming is and always has been legal in L2. Or at least, it's never been punished. Call it economic PvP.
  10. I soloed my Bladedancer on Devianne (Llothlian) because there weren't enough parties at my level in the early days. I remember the hell that was the Graveyard in my 50s in Avadon Plate with dual SLS. It was hard, but possible. Took many healing pots.
  11. Hit green mobs until they die. When they become light blue, find new green mobs.
  12. To be fair, for a soloing nuker, mana regen does suck balls. I say this as a Bladedancer with no specific mana issues. I don't think we need mana pots though. I remember this exact conversation back in Prelude.
  13. You're the one complaining about having to take responsibility for your actions. You call the server carebear?
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