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  1. I feel sorry for you, Hime. You seem like a good person who's caught in the middle of all this mess caused by the incompetence of the company you work for. This is really disappointing, because this is my favorite game and this classic server was a huge hype for me. Well, I'm quitting for now. I'll be entering the forums once or twice a week to check if you guys solved all the problems (not only the login, but also the adena/drop/spoil rates too). When you do, maybe I come back. I wish you, @Hime and @Juji, who at least have the decency to show face and talk with us customers, good l
  2. DA is better than Gladiator for PvP imo
  3. The command is “/PreviousTarget”, which selects the last selected target. haha, always thought about it, nice.
  4. The UI for setting up a Private Store or Buy Shop has been improved o Titles of player sell stores or buy shops can now be edited without resetting or changing items o A history section has been added to the UI to show past customer purchases/sales from your current store or shop o Your personal store history will remain until you restart the client or relogin. This is awesome.
  5. You're right, it won't change that much, especially in the beggining when ppl crave for levels, adena and items. PKs start to spread when ppl start to get bored. This will take a while.
  6. Tomorrow. They didn't said the time of the day. Probably after weekly maintenance.
  7. The item slots for Cloaks, Belts, Pendants, and Brooches are currently present in the Classic Server inventory UI, but will not be available at launch. And I hope they never will, unless if obtainable in-game with quests, drops or raids.
  8. The non-tradable restriction on augmented weapons has been removed in the Classic Server. You can exchange or drop Augmented Weapons. I like this.
  9. You significantly reduced the incentive to kill PKs with this feature. Can you please explain why you removed the drop on death for PKs? @Juji
  10. Also, Killing monsters while Chaotic will slowly reduce your negative Karma. The PK counter can only be reduced through the ‘Brothers Bound in Chains’ Quest (Sin Eater) Well which is it?
  11. Items do not drop upon a character’s death (including Chaotic characters) A random item in a chaotic character’s inventory will be destroyed upon death if they have 4 or more PKs This is bad.
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