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  1. The end of lags/bots? Please erase the Greedy chests, they are giving only profit to the scammers using bot programs.
  2. How long will this tolerance from NCSOFT for leaving hundreds of bots waiting for the Greedy Chest? I thought everyone was lucky to have items for free. Wasteland, Destruction and other places are full of bots especially from the same player a certain ... is that normal? This game is not a chance for everyone? Why doesn't NCSOFT change these Greedy Chests by dropping them from mobs in areas where people are gaining experience? I am tired of going to gain experience and be surrounded by bots waiting for Greedy Chests?
  3. Yes I know I am playing an MMORPG, this is not an excuse to be a crap on game. It is easy to come at last second and steal the pool with a full party inside because he's 115 level. This is just : abuse. As I know Lineage 2 is a game for all not only for abusers. So if i read you iAndouille only those who pay have rights to play! Nice mind.
  4. Yesterday I saw once again a player named [moderated] level 115 come up to the moment where SoS started and start playing as if the other players didn't exist. This is typical of this player, arriving at the last moment and stealing the spots. The [moderated] also want the excusiveness of pools in SoS, I find that extremely lousy because other players or clans are not allowed to take some exp as well. Thanks to Ncsoft for doing something because it is unbearable to see this abuse of power which gives no chance to others. Having an high level does not mean doing what you want.
  5. So the weapons which have been upgraded from R99 to R110 and have kept an old appearance had a bug to be enchant? Mine was broke and restored with a restoration ticket, I tryed 3 Destruction scrolls and all fail. My weapon has a bug? @Juji
  6. Well this players will disappears at level 105, they are just "on live" to make mentee coins.
  7. HI, I am DD level 109 I don't see any more quests like before, this game was fun in the past now there is lag, a big business and less fun. Why do quests no longer exist? This game has become boring, sometimes you have to wait up to 300 people to log in, there are an incredible number of bots because of the mentees coins. What happened?
  8. Lags are very really bad, actually the problem is this business concerning alts/mentees for sale getting exp till level 105. Blazing is hell laggy, more ppl then mobs, there's a problem. Some players has high levels and are totally noobs, i dont understand NCSOFT, I miss old times, really...
  9. Hi, please, can someone help me to make a macro for an ISS with a babypet? Iss go to the DD give all buffs and back to the babypet and back to the dd, etc. Thanks very much.
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