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  1. @Hammerforge Hey at least they fixed our icons today LOLOLOL
  2. Don't worry folks its all OK now, they fixed our icons...... So glad they waste their own time as much as they waste ours
  3. what wrong with icons

    @Juji @Hime So instead of fixing major problems that have been addressed across multiple posts, time and $ were spent to fix icon graphics?? Something really needs to be done here, NCSoft's priorities are really screwed up...... At least i can clearly see my icons now....
  4. Well said. This is a post that needs reading by @Juji and @Hime If only a 1/3 of what Hammerforge gets even looked at it will be a great advantage to the player base especially since most of the problems on here have been going on since day 1 of "Classic".... I bet if the player base stopped spending their hard earned money on your P2W events change would come real fast
  5. And now that taxes have been at 30% non-stopped its even worse. Plus Adena has been screwed for ever in this version of the game. I'm 100% convinced that the GM's own stock in the Adena Farmers.
  6. @Islanmir the doors have been removed from the tower for a long time now. It is no longer a port in instance they did the same for Antharas....